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Gloomhaven Box.jpg
Publisher Cephalofair Games Era Fantasy
Year 2017 Topic Exploration
Players 1-4 Scale Tactical
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Gloomhaven 3.0.vmod module 142.15 MB 2020-07-02 3.3.1
Gloomhaven Heroes 3.0.vmdx extension 146.22 MB 2020-07-02 3.3.1
Gloomhaven Scenarios 3.0.vmdx extension 133.72 MB 2020-07-02 3.3.1
Gloomhaven Scenarios 3.0.1.vmdx extension 133.73 MB 2020-07-02 3.3.1
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 3.0.vmdx extension 50.33 MB 2020-07-02 3.3.1
Gloomhaven 2.3.vmod module 142 MB 2020-06-12 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 2.2.vmod module 141.99 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 2.1.vmod module 141.99 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 2.0.vmod module 141.99 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 2.0.vmdx extension 146.22 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Scenarios 2.0.vmdx extension 133.72 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 2.0.vmdx extension 50.33 MB 2020-04-05 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 1.5.vmod module 141.4 MB 2020-04-05 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 1.5.vmdx extension 146.22 MB 2020-04-05 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 1.5.vmdx extension 47.71 MB 2020-04-05 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 1.4.vmod module 139.31 MB 2020-03-30 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 1.4.vmdx extension 141.36 MB 2020-03-30 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 1.4.vmdx extension 47.65 MB 2020-03-30 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 1.3.vmod module 139.4 MB 2020-03-25 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 1.3.vmdx extension 141.36 MB 2020-03-25 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 1.3.vmdx extension 47.65 MB 2020-03-25 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 5Player V1.3.vmod module 162.36 MB 2020-07-02 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 5Player V1.3.vmdx extension 129.44 MB 2020-07-02 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Scenarios 5Player V1.3.vmdx extension 133.71 MB 2020-07-02 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 1.2.vmod module 139.37 MB 2020-03-22 3.2.17
Gloomhaven 1.1.vmod module 139.34 MB 2020-03-10 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 1.1.vmdx extension 129.47 MB 2020-03-10 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Scenarios 1.1.vmdx extension 133.7 MB 2020-03-10 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 1.1.vmdx extension 47.63 MB 2020-03-10 3.2.17
Gloomhaven_1.0.vmod module 137.96 MB 2020-02-27 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Heroes 1.0.vmdx extension 129.47 MB 2020-02-27 3.2.17
Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles 1.0.vmdx extension 47.63 MB 2020-02-27 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer gattsu
Contributors Cannawen, Igor_444, crazyclausewitz, sanctum


Gloomhaven is a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives. Players will take on the role of a wandering adventurer with their own special set of skills and their own reasons for traveling to this dark corner of the world. Players must work together out of necessity to clear out menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins. In the process, they will enhance their abilities with experience and loot, discover new locations to explore and plunder, and expand an ever-branching story fueled by the decisions they make.

How to use this Module Starter Guide

Warning This Module contains Spoiler!

Version 3.0.1

  • added snap on grids to all scenarios (I was not able to add a grid to scenario 14)

Version 3.0

  • Update Module and Extensions to latest Vassal Version 3.3.1
  • 2nd Edition Cards added for Forgotten Circles
  • Decks can now be saved/loaded. This will make a resetup of a campaign much easier. Affected Decks (City/Road Events, Random Scenario, Blue Items, Available Item Deck, Card Pool Deck for Players)
  • Quick Status Change Bar added. This contains all Status/HP/XP. If a token is selected you can click on the icon to set the status/HP/XP for that token. This will increase gameplay if you like to play without a mouse.
  • Rehaul of the Quest Book. I change the Quest Book / Solo Quest and Town Booklet to a Chart Window. The previous implementation had not worked on all PCs/Macs
  • Added a Deck where a player can store there card pool
  • All Predefined Scenarios have now fog or war.

Version 1.3 - 5 Player

  • Added a 5 Player version of the Gloomhaven Module provided by Sanctum

Version 2.3

  • sync hp token and board
  • more fog of war scenario 1-33

Version 2.2

  • Adden Feature to clean up Player Board after Scenario (Unexhaust and flip all Items, Return all Cards to player hand, Return cards to BD and remove added -1/Cursed and Blessed Cards, Return Battle Goals)
  • Items are now only Exhaustable or Unexhaustable depending on their current state

Version 2.1

  • Draw specific card from random item deck
  • Sort starting events
  • Send to deck feature for road events
  • Personal quest renaming
  • Draw specific card from Personal Quest
  • Mark summoned on top stacking
  • Spread order
  • Remove piece from discard 2P/3P/4P -> easier discarding the first card
  • Fixed road event issue
  • Trap Status/HP Marker
  • Summon HP/Status Marker

Most new features enables a faster resetup of a ongoing campaign in case that you have to do it manually

Version 2.0

  • Objective and Scenario tokens are no longer stacking
  • Added Hp tracking to Senario and obj token
  • Money not stacking anymore
  • Brute lvl 8 card fix
  • Resetable scenarios 1-40
  • Moveable hero board (shift)
  • New button to spread all cards in hand
  • Short rest fixed (now shuffles the discard)
  • Two Play Buttons for the Action Cards (1st and 2nd Slot)
  • Cards are now returned to hand to a free space
  • Hero Card re-naming (Cragheart LX cards/Spellweaver L1 cards/Angry face all cards/Three Spears all cards/Music Note all cards/Sun all cars (Still 6 classes left)
  • Renamed Objectiv -> Objective
  • Sorted Objective / Scenario Tokens
  • Renamed Envelop -> Envelopes
  • Added Campaign Tracker Sheetnd
  • Added a 2nd enemy board for more than 6 enemies
  • fixed the back of the two mini character board
  • Fixed FC Extension so that enemies can now be deleted

Version 1.0 This is the first version of a Vassal module for the Dungeon Crawler Game "Gloomhaven". Due to the sheer size of all Gloomhaven components I splitted the Main Game. You need to add the Gloomhaven Heroes Extension to the Module. Forgotten Circles is as well an available Extension which can be added if desired.

Version 1.1


  • Added Wound Token to Status Panel
  • Events can now be moved to bottom of the Event Decks
  • Enemy sheet moved to the Enemy Decks
  • Enemy InitId Numbers added
  • Report for hp/xp changes
  • Object Back added
  • Enhancements for Action Cards improved
  • Battle deck reset added
  • Party overview added Retired and new Characters
  • Blue item now deletable
  • Random dungeon/monster added
  • Added Predefined Scenarios as own Extension

Version 1.2

  • Rehaul of the Status Tracking
  • Rehaul of the Wound Tracking
  • Rehaul of the XP Tracking
  • Rehaul of the Enemy Init Id Tracking
  • Money Token do not longer stack
  • Player 2 and Player 4 now have access to their hand

Version 1.3

  • Fixed Issues with "Return to Hand" for Discard/Lost Pile P3/P4
  • Fixed Issue with "Return to Deck" for Battle Deck Discard P3/P4
  • Added Regenerate as Status
  • Added Rift Event Grey
  • Changed XP/HP Tracker Order for Hero Token
  • Some Battle Deck has not been available
  • Clean up and Renaming of Battle Deck in the Level Up Tab
  • Rehaul of the Enhancement Tracking
  • Renaming Wound Tracking to HP Tracking
  • Added Replace Enemy with Money Token Function
  • Added Mark as Summoned Function (Token is Placed underneath the Enemy Token)

Version 1.4

Version 1.5

  • Treasure index update (this will improve update of save files in the future)
  • Envelop index update (this will improve update of save files in the future)
  • Added HP Tracking to Dungeon Tokens
  • Party sheet deleteable (this will improve update of save files in the future)
  • Party sheet to token tab
  • Added Battle Deck Cards for Player 2-4 (new Images)
  • Button to Remove all Hero Battle Deck Cards from the Battle Deck
  • Scenario and Objective Token Layer fix
  • Added missing Item 71
  • Lock Tokens (new with shift selectable)
  • Item Deck can now move several cards
  • Moved sheets and boards to hero tab
  • Changes for a Spoilerfree experience
  • Added Add curse/bless/-1 menu
  • Removed all added curse/bless-1 cards
  • Update improved hero token
  • Added new "Place Hero Token" to Action Cards for Ability Tracking
  • Updated Enemy Tokens to new improved icons

Warning Save Files from lower version than 1.4 won‘t work with version 1.4

© 2017 Cephalofair Games. All rights reserved. Included by permission of the publisher

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