Module:Imperium Romanum II

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IR II Box Cover.jpg
Publisher West End Games Era Ancient
Year 1985 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1-6 (Module currently supports 4) Scale Strategic
Length 240 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
IMPERIVM ROMANVM II-ver1.4.vmod Module 14.05 MB 2017-10-08 3.2.17
IMPERIVM ROMANVM II.vmod Module 27.67 MB 2013-10-19 3.2.8
IMPERIVM ROMANVM II.vmod Module 27.67 MB 2013-10-13 3.2.8
IMPERIVM ROMANVM II.vmod Module 27.67 MB 2013-10-7 3.2.8
IMPERIVM ROMANVM II.vmod Module 27.67 MB 2013-10-6 3.2.8

Module Information

Maintainer clanmacrae9
Contributors clanmacrae9, Greenhorn


For your enjoyment, West End Games - IMPERIVM ROMANVM II (1985).

If you play and create a saved game file for a setup of any of the scenarios, please e-mail me at and I will add it to the scenario list within the module. IMPORTANT NOTE about the scenarios: Some of the features added in the newer versions of the module are not backwards compatable with older versions. (I am referring to IR II versions...not Vassal versions here) Most of the issues center around the text labels and numerical counters used on the Power Forms and Mobilization Forms. As an interim fix, instead of replotting the pre-existing scenarios, blank and editable text labels and generic numeric counters of two sizes are available to permit players to use anywhere on the forms or map as desired. Note that refreshing the counters will erase the Province labels (but mysteriously,not any of the other labels).

Version 1.4

  • Enhanced gamemap will hurt your eyes no more ;)
  • Deleted unneccessary files and decreased gamemap size for smaller module size and better performance
  • Enhanced zoom with hotkeys F1 and F2

Version 1.3

  • Corrected hex numbering error
  • Fixed mask/movement conflict
  • Added Sketch Map to charts
  • Added players 5&6 sides
  • Reduced size of menu icons
  • Reduced size of the X100 counter
  • Tidied up the numerical counter rows on the Power Forms
  • Replaced Faction Type labels
  • Added generic numerical counters
  • Updated all preiously included scenarios
  • Added scenario 2. The Great Mithradatic War
  • Added scenario 3. The Crisis of the First Triumvirate

Version 1.2

  • Added hex numbering for East and West Maps
  • Added Brown 20-8, 10-8
  • Clone option for units
  • Fixed increase/decrease level order for forts
  • Added 2 more Mobility Forms for a total of 6
  • Corrected spelling of Attila label
  • Added Mask Capability to units
  • Added Yellow color label
  • Added Iazygia and Sarmatia province labels
  • Added moved capability to units and leaders
  • Added blank label for text
  • Increased max values for power form tax and morale counters
  • Added Scenario: I1. The Gallic Revolt
  • Added Scenario: I2 The Conquest of Dacia

Version 1.1

  • Added Control counters for each color
  • Replaced map
  • Added Pharnaces Tan leader
  • Added Tyras Province label
  • Added Gaellaecia Province label
  • Added Brown 20-9
  • Added Scenario 1. Marius vs. Sulla

Version 1.0

Screen Shots


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  • cianchet