Module:Nations in Arms: Valmy to Waterloo

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Publisher Compass Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2012 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2-5 Scale Strategic
Length n/a


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NIA v1.4_2.vmod module 43.31 MB 2013-07-10 3.2.7
NIA v1.5.vmod module 50.15 MB 2020-05-06 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Graves, Tom Swider
Contributors Christian van Someren, Mark Hodgkinson



  • Add better splash screen graphic (game box cover).
  • All scenarios included. Scenario notes regarding individual unit setup included as a Label on appropriate units.
  • Made button graphics more consistent.
  • Rotate contact markers and activation markers.
  • Added army boxes to country windows and rerouted shortcuts to those rather than boxes on map.
  • Created Record Track window (season, year, money, alliance credits, naval boxes).
  • Shortcut to return chits to cup; hint: select all the markers, send to cup. They'll stack "on top" of the cup and you'll just need to drag them slightly to deposit them all.
  • Shortcut to send French naval units to Corsairs box, and other Naval units to Escorts box.
  • Fix siege markers so they are multi-step.
  • Add named areas so that moving markers generate log messages if user has set their preferences to do so.
  • ZoI shading for armies.
  • Enable vassal native Notes button feature.
  • Show dice roll totals.
  • Added major power markers for Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Spain.
  • Added minor power markers for Romagna, Dalmatia, Italy, Rhine Confederation, Sardinia, Sicily, Westphalia. Not sure if what I have are the correct period flags so if they are not please provide a graphic.
  • Add charts (e.g. CRT, Terrain Effects).
  • Fixed error messages for sending minor forces to the force pools.

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