Module:Next War: Korea

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Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2012 Topic Korean War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Next War Korea 1.2.vmod Module 9.85 MB 2015-04-17 3.2.15 John Rainey John Rainey
Next War Korea 1.1.vmod Module 74.1 MB 2012-09-17 3.1.19 John Rainey John Rainey
NWK Replacement Counters.vmdx Extension 2.08 MB 2015-03-09 3.2.15 John Rainey John Rainey
nwk.vmod Module 70.78 MB 2012-06-26 3.1.17 tmccarron tmccarron


version 1.2 changes - reduced file size, changed location of allied reinforcement button to toolbar, added the ability to remove a support mission used, altered order of prompts on International Posture screen, removed symbolic die roller with its pop-up screen. Fixed problem with Chinese unit appearing instead of a marker when placing markers with the menu system when extension is loaded for existing scenarios. The problem will still exist for those counters on the Extension reinforcement screen, which makes them useless. Bug reported, no update as of 4/17/2015.

Module 1.2 is totally different from original

Screen Shots


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