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Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2012 Topic European Theater
Players 2 Scale Tactical
Length Varies Series Panzer game system


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Panzer_1-6-3.vmod Module 10.19 MB 2014-07-30 3.2.13
PanzerExp1_1-3-1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #1 12.71 MB 2014-07-30 3.2.13
PanzerExp2_1-2-2.vmdx Extension for Expansion #2 8.98 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12
PanzerExp3_1-1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #3 16.75 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.13

Module Information

Maintainer Rob Doane


Changes in v1.6.3

  • Added more markers for Expansion #3


  • Control markers cycle through sides correctly
  • Added American and British game markers for Expansion #3
  • Standard vehicle counters now have option to place damage markers through the right-click menu
  • Added 21 terrain tiles that can overlay map graphics to create custom terrain for DYO scenarios


  • Set illumination markers to have ON and OFF sides
  • Incorporated errata for S-8B data card
  • Fixed incorrect image on T26S-M37 counter
  • Fixed leg unit counters that could not be flipped back and forth from half squad to full squad


  • Added eliminate option to gun counters
  • Added missing German limber counters
  • Improved Position counters can now rotate
  • Created counter for illumination rounds
  • Half squads can flip back to full squad side
  • Added button to reveal all unused commands on the board
  • Updated Churchill III data card


  • Added missing German Limber data card and Mobelwagen counter
  • Added speed and altitude markers to alternate aircraft pieces
  • Added flame graphic to OT-34
  • Made summary card windows larger
  • Fixed problem with command markers displaying underneath some pieces
  • Fixed problem with German squad counters showing incorrect graphic when reduced to half squad
  • Incorporated errata into game cards and data cards


  • Enabled rotation for mapboards
  • Set alternate pieces to non-stacking and ignore map grid
  • Set standard pieces to stacking, snap to grid
  • Added border around maps to use when units enter from off board
  • Hex numbers now display at any zoom level when hovered over with mouse

Screen Shots


  • Rob Doane
  • Rick Galli
  • Jeff Coyle
  • MillertimeRC
  • ChandlerB
  • Gustav6
  • Kevin Rohrer