Module:Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

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Publisher Wehrlegig Games Era Post-Napoleonic
Year 2019 Topic Politics
Players 1-5 Scale Abstract
Length 45 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Pax_Pamir_2nd_edition-1-36.vmod module 20.65 MB 2019-11-05 3.2.17
Pax_Pamir_2nd_edition-1-36-hidden-hands.vmod module 20.65 MB 2019-11-18 3.2.17
Pax_Pamir_2nd_edition-1-17.vmod module 50.8 MB 2019-09-13 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Ben Kyo


Cole Wehrle's game about power and politics in 19th Century Afghanistan.

Please refer to the html help file included in the module for more information, but to get started:

1. Click the icon on the Controls toolbar that looks like the market board to open a setup window.

2. Click 2-5 Player Setup, select player colours if 2-4 players, and wait until setup is complete.

Buttons on the Main Map toolbar can be used to automate step 4 of cleanup, remove blocks after a successful Dominance Check, and discard all events in play after a Dominance Check.

Rule is automatically calculated and indicated. Ruler tokens are not displayed when no-one rules.

All pieces in the game have context-sensitive right-click menu options.

In earlier module versions (v1.17 and earlier), player hands, courts, loyalty dials, tokens, and rupees were displayed on separate player windows. In later module versions (v1.26 and later), player courts, loyalty dials, tokens, and rupees are displayed on the main map, and only player hands are separate windows.

From v1.35, Wakhan rule calculation is by default based on the errata published at

Screen Shots


  • Ben Kyo