Module:Rostov '41: Race to the Don

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Rostov thumbnail.jpg
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2020 Topic Eastern Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 2+ Series Standard Combat Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Rostov-41-1-02.vmod module 3.96 MB 2020-12-21
Rostov-41-1-01.vmod module 3.95 MB 2020-12-07
Rostov-41-1-00.vmod module 4.01 MB 2020-10-07

Module Information

Maintainer =Jim Pyle


Version 1.02

1. Fixed Weather Marker so you can see it.

2. Added a VP Hex Outline marker to easily track VP Hex ownership. (Need to Alt-click to select it)

Version 1.01:

1. Fixed "Send to Graveyard" counter menu selection. Need to use Tools/Refresh/Run selection from menu bar to update current games.

2. Fixed Turn track on map

3. Added weather marker that can be scrolled through to show current weather

Version 1.00 Initial Release

Screen Shots


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