Module:Russia Besieged

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Publisher L2 Design Group Era WWII
Year 2004 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 Scale Strategic
Length varies per scenario

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Russia_Besieged_2nd_Edition_Remake_(1.3).vmod 2nd Edition Module v1.3 with new custom artwork and enhanced features 77.45 MB 2017-05-13 3.2.17 Gary Krockover
Russia_Besieged,_2nd_edition.vmod 2nd Edition Module 5.49 MB 2014-02-04 3.2.8 Charles McLellan
Wargame Academy module
RBS-12p14.vmod Last optimized version; see version history help file within module for details; Campaign game 6.08 MB 2017-12-20 3.2.17+ WGA-Bill Thomson Charles Catania, Charles Sutherland
RBS-12b14.vmod Last optimized version; see version history help file for details "RBS-12b14.vmod" does not exist 2018-08010 3.2.17+ WGA-Bill Thomson Charles Catania


Module v1.3 was drawn at a much larger size (for tired old eyes) and thus the significant increase in file size from previous versions. I think that you'll find it well worth it however.

RB 2nd Ed contains all scenarios. Double-click "View" on the top menu to clear scenario set-up lines.

180821: Wargame Academy current version 1.2b12. Independent of other contributor's independent versions. In use in my PBEM games. See Version History Help file for full details. Further enhancements based on my pbem play. Bill Thomson

Screen Shots


  • Gary Krockover
  • Bill Thomson
  • Dave Glenn
  • Kevin Conway