Module:Russia Besieged

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Publisher L2 Design Group Era WWII
Year 2004 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 Scale Strategic
Length varies per scenario

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Russia_Besieged_2nd_Edition_Remake_(1.3).vmod 2nd Edition Module v1.3 with new custom artwork and enhanced features 77.45 MB 2017-05-13 3.2.17 Gary Krockover
Russia_Besieged,_2nd_edition.vmod 2nd Edition Module 5.49 MB 2014-02-04 3.2.8 Charles McLellan
Wargame Academy module
RBS-10b05.vmod Module for 10 turn tournament game 5.6 MB 2013-10-02 3.1.23+ WGA-Bill Thomson Rob Beyma; Charles Catania
RBS-10b06.vmod Campaign game & tournament scenarios 5.62 MB 2013-10-05 3.1.23+ WGA-Bill Thomson Rob Beyma; Charles Catania
RBS-11b01.vmod Campaign game & tournament scenarios 5.64 MB 2016-08-18 3.1.23+ WGA-Bill Thomson Charles Catania
RBS-12p02.vmod Last optimized version; see version history help file for details; Campaign game "RBS-12p02.vmod" does not exist 2016-10-11 3.1.23+ WGA-Bill Thomson Charles Catania


Module v1.3 was drawn at a much larger size (for tired old eyes) and thus the significant increase in file size from previous versions. I think that you'll find it well worth it however.

RB 2nd Ed contains all scenarios. Double-click "View" on the top menu to clear scenario set-up lines.

161011: Wargame Academy current version. Independent of other contributor's independent versions. In use in my PBEM games. See Version History Help file for full details. Bill Thomson

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  • Gary Krockover
  • Bill Thomson
  • Dave Glenn