Module:Star Wars: Imperial Assault

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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2014 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2+ Scale Tactical
Length 60 minutes

Files and Module Information


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.10 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.10.vmod Module 105.54 MB 2017-10-17 3.2.17 a1bert
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.10_cc.vsav SaveFile 663 KB 2017-10-17 3.2.17 a1bert
1.9 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.9.vmod Module 93.79 MB 2017-05-23 3.2.17 a1bert
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.9_cc.vsav SaveFile 602 KB 2017-09-13 3.2.17 a1bert
1.8.2 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.8.2.vmod Module 88.08 MB 2017-02-15 3.2.17 a1bert Kezerk,Sithbunny36
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.8.2_cc.vsav SaveFile 567 KB 2017-02-15 3.2.17 a1bert
1.8 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.8.vmod Module 87.3 MB 2017-01-19 3.2.17 a1bert Kezerk,Sithbunny36
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.8.1_cc.vsav SaveFile 563 KB 2017-01-28 3.2.17 a1bert
1.7 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.7.vmod Module 68.83 MB 2016-07-30 3.2.16 a1bert Kezerk,Sithbunny36
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.7_cc.vsav SaveFile 365 KB 2016-08-24 3.2.16 a1bert
1.4 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.4.vmod Module 62.58 MB 2016-06-10 3.2.15 a1bert Kezerk,Sithbunny36
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.4_cc.vsav SaveFile 356 KB 2016-06-10 3.2.15 a1bert
1.3 Campaign
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.3.vmod Module 53.37 MB 2016-03-16 3.2.15 a1bert Kezerk,Sithbunny36
Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.3_cc.vsav SaveFile 126 KB 2016-03-16 3.2.15 a1bert


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
10.2 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_10.2.vmod Module 95.02 MB 2018-01-01 3.2.16 thereisnotry
10.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_10.1.vmod Module 92.85 MB 2017-12-11 3.2.16 thereisnotry
10.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_10.0.vmod Module 91.39 MB 2017-10-21 3.2.16 thereisnotry
9.2 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_9.2.vmod Module 86.79 MB 2017-08-07 3.2.16 thereisnotry
9.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_9.1.vmod Module 86.59 MB 2017-07-30 3.2.16 thereisnotry
9.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_9.0.vmod Module 85.76 MB 2017-05-17 3.2.16 thereisnotry
8.2 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_8.2.vmod Module 81.25 MB 2017-04-13 3.2.16 thereisnotry
8.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_8.1.vmod Module 76.54 MB 2017-01-30 3.2.16 thereisnotry
8.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_8.0.vmod Module 76.44 MB 2017-01-30 3.2.16 thereisnotry
7.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_7.1.vmod Module 65.05 MB 2016-11-01 3.2.16 thereisnotry Radarman5
7.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_7.0.vmod Module 65.06 MB 2016-08-01 3.2.16 thereisnotry Radarman5
6.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_6.0.vmod Module 62.52 MB 2016-06-10 3.2.16 thereisnotry Radarman5
5.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_5.1.vmod Module 52.63 MB 2016-03-17 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
5.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_5.0.vmod Module 52.58 MB 2016-02-26 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
4.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_4.0.vmod Module 47.01 MB 2016-01-27 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
3.1 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_3.1.vmod Module 37.28 MB 2015-10-20 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
3.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_3.0.vmod Module 37.28 MB 2015-10-19 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
2.0 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_2.0.vmod Module 38.44 MB 2015-09-01 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
1.6 Skirmish
Imperial_Assault_-_Skirmish_1.6.vmod Module 34.21 MB 2015-07-19 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
1.5 Skirmish
Imperial Assault - Skirmish 1.5.vmod Module 28.74 MB 2015-04-01 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
1.1 Skirmish
Imperial Assault - Skirmish 1.1.vmod Module 7.73 MB 2015-01-27 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5
1.0 Skirmish
Imperial Assault - Skirmish.vmod Module 7.73 MB 2015-01-25 3.2.15 thereisnotry Radarman5



Imperial Assault (the Campaign Mode, not the Skirmish Mode), produced by Fantasy Flight Games. As always, users must buy a physical copy of any game they play on Vassal. You absolutely need a physical copy of the game to be able to play the campaign. You will need the Rules, the appropriate Campaign Book and any side mission campaign sheets you want to include as agenda sets or ally missions.

The version 1.10 includes Waves 1 - 10 (all releases upto and including wave 10), along with their associated Ally/Villain packs. I will update this module as new content is released. The module also includes FOR A FEW MORE CREDITS: Fanmade Scum Campaign for Imperial Assault by Darth Jawa, including the second part Once Upon a Time in the Western Rim.

The save file Media:Imperial_Assault_-_Campaign_1.10_cc.vsav is configured for the core campaign and includes pre-built maps for all missions. Most missions also have initial deployments.

Read the HTML help file, which is also included in the module. It contains a lot of useful information, although it does not yet contain all of the tricks and tips on how to set up things for a campaign. The help file also tells how to configure decks for other than the core campaign. See The Imperial Assault Campaign module discussion thread on BoardGameGeek for more information about the changes and usage.

NOTE: since Version 1.3 the campaign module uses a new dice rolling window, the same as the Skirmish Module.

NOTE: since Version 1.7 the campaign module includes Redjak's Automated Imperial Variant (RAIV for short) for solo play (currently up to date with wave 8). See the help file on how to use and setup and the RAIV V1 - Under new management Discussion Thread on BoardGameGeek for links to the rules.


Imperial Assault (the Skirmish Mode, not the Campaign Mode), produced by Fantasy Flight Games. As always, users must buy a physical copy of any game they play on Vassal. The current version (9.0) includes Waves 1 - 9 (all releases up to wave 9), along with their associated Ally/Villain packs. I will update this module as new content is released.

PLEASE NOTE: Versions 4.0 and onward use a new (and massively upgraded!) method for rolling dice. I basically copied and adjusted the main code from the excellent X-Wing Miniatures mod so that the dice-rolling mechanic now works far better than it did before.

Here is an instructional YouTube video showing how to set up and play the module.

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