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Module:Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game


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SWXW Icon.png
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2012 Topic Starfighter combat
Players 1-6 Scale Miniatures
Length varies

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.3.0.vmod module 30.71 MB 05-2015 3.2.15 Mu0n
Starting_Layout_5.3.0.vlog vlog 63 KB 05-2015 3.2.15 dhowtocor silentubiquity
Universal_Map_Pack_1.0.vmdx MapExtension 16.22 MB 12-2014 3.2.13 Gabriel Velasquez silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.2.3.vmod module 29.77 MB 02-2015 3.2.15 Mu0n radarman5 vlog 1.69 MB 03-2015 3.2.15 dhowtocor
Universal_Map_Pack_1.0.vmdx MapExtension 16.22 MB 12-2014 3.2.13 Gabriel Velasquez silentubiquity
Starting_Layout_5.2.3.vlog vlog 149 KB 03-2015 3.2.15 dhowtocor silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.2.2.vmod module 27.94 MB 01-2015 3.2.15 Mu0n radarman5 vlog 1.46 MB 07-2014 3.2.13 silentubiquity
Starting_Layout_5.2.2.vlog vlog 142 KB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Universal_Map_Pack_1.0.vmdx MapExtension 16.22 MB 12-2014 3.2.13 Gabriel Velasquez silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.2.0.vmod module 27.43 MB 12-2014 3.2.13 Mu0n silentubiquity,sigzog,radarman5
Universal_Map_Pack_1.0.vmdx MapExtension 16.22 MB 12-2014 3.2.13 Gabriel Velasquez silentubiquity vlog 1.4 MB 07-2014 3.2.13 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.1.5.vmod module 24.03 MB 08-2014 3.2.13 Mu0n silentubiquity,xwingtoman vlog 1.2 MB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Starting Layout_5.1.5.vlog vlog 125 KB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.1.2.vmod module 20.28 MB 08-2014 3.2.13 Mu0n
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Vassal_Playmats-5.1.2.vmdx MapExtension 4.09 MB 08-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity vlog 1.06 MB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Starting Layout_5.1.2.vlog vlog 108 KB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.1.0.vmod module 19.48 MB 07-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n vlog 882 KB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Starting Layout_5.1.0.vlog vlog 143 KB 07-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.0.8.vmod module 17.3 MB 05-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n Theorist
Starting_Pieces_5.0.8.vlog vlog 102 KB 05-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity vlog 818 KB 05-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.0.5.vmod module 15.18 MB 04-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n Theorist,Chris B. vlog 671 KB 04-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity
Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-5.0.1.vmod module 20.27 MB 03-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-5.0.0.vmod module 19.26 MB 02-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n Theorist
Gabriel's_Map_Pack_-5.0.0.vmdx MapExtension 38.06 MB 02-2014 3.2.11 Gabriel Velasquez Mu0n,Theorist
Crazy_Toms_Playmats_-5.0.0.vmdx MapExtension 13.75 MB 02-2014 3.2.11 silentubiquity Mu0n
Yagyu's_Map_Pack_-5.0.0.vmdx MapExtension 4.66 MB 02-2014 3.2.11 Mu0n
Imperial_Aces_Booster_-4.6.1.vmdx module 4.85 MB 01-2014 3.2.8 Mu0n‎ vlog files 603 KB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.6.0.vmod module 23.13 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
A-Wing_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 2.63 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
B-Wing_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 2.89 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
HWK-290_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 3.18 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
X-Wing_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 3.26 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
YT-1300_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 7.44 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Y-Wing_Booster-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 3.64 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Firespray-31_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 7.3 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Lambda_Shuttle_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 4.65 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Advanced_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 4.46 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Bomber_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 3.18 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Fighter_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 4.59 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Interceptor_Booster_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 2.96 MB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Explodey_Things_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 669 KB 11-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Crazy_Toms_Playmats_-4.6.0.vmdx‎ Extension 7.04 MB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity
Crazy_Toms_Large_Playmats_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 6.39 MB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity
Yagyu's_Map_Pack_-4.6.0.vmdx Extension 4.66 MB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity‎ vlog files 558 KB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity vlog files 205 KB 12-2013 3.2.8 silentubiquity
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.5.1.vmod module 24.58 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Explodey_Things_-4.5.1.vmdx Extension 669 KB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
B-Wing_Booster_-4.5.1.vmdx Extension 1.73 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Lambda_Shuttle_-4.5.1.vmdx Extension 2.65 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Bomber_Booster_-4.5.1.vmdx Extension 3.04 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
YT-1300 Booster -4.5.1.vmdx Extension 7.24 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Firespray-31 Booster -4.5.1.vmdx Extension 7.08 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.5.vmod module 24.58 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Explodey_Things_-4.5.vmdx Extension 616 KB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
B-Wing_Booster_-4.5.vmdx Extension 1.73 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
HWK-290_Booster_-4.5.vmdx Extension 1.77 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Lambda_Shuttle_-4.5.vmdx Extension 2.3 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Tie_Bomber_Booster_-4.5.vmdx Extension 1.91 MB 9-2013 3.2.8 Mu0n
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.2.vmod module 14.73 MB 5-2013 3.2.2 Buhallin
Y-Wing Booster-4.2.vmdx Extension 2.26 MB 5-2013 3.2.2 Buhallin
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.1.vmod module 14.73 MB 2-2013 3.2.2 Buhallin
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.0.vmod module 14.73 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Yagyu's Map Pack -4.0.vmdx Maps 56.71 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
X-Wing Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 1.96 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Y-Wing Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 2.26 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
A-Wing Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 1.43 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
YT-1300 Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 3.27 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie Fighter Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 2.81 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie Advanced Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 2.21 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie Interceptor Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 1.76 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Firespray-31 Booster -4.0.vmdx Extension 3.58 MB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Explodey Things -4.0.vmdx Extension 393 KB 12-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
3.0 Tournament Ready
Star Wars X-Wing -Tournament.vmod module 13.18 MB 10-9-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
X-Wing Booster -Tournament.vmdx Extension 1,015 KB 10-9-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Y-Wing Booster -Tournament.vmdx Extension 1.24 MB 10-9-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie Fighter Booster -Tournament.vmdx Extension 984 KB 10-9-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie Advanced Booster -Tournament.vmdx Extension 1.33 MB 10-9-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Quick_Reference_for_X-Wing_VASSAL_module.pdf PDF Manual 992 KB 10-12-2012 unknown AidenDouglass
Star_Wars_X-Wing_miniatures_game.vmod module 11.75 MB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie_Advanced_booster.vmdx Extension 1.31 MB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Y-Wing_booster.vmdx Extension 1.23 MB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
3'x3'_Star_Map.vmdx Extension 7.33 MB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
Tie_Fighter_Booster.vmdx Extension 1,022 KB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass
X-Wing_Booster.vmdx Extension 1.27 MB 9-25-2012 3.1 AidenDouglass


If you want some help getting started with the module, go here

If you're looking for the critical damage card text and effect (standard and huge ships), go here

IMPORTANT - since v5.0.0, only the main module file is needed to play. In addition, you may get the map packs if you are tired of seeing black backgrounds and the basic 3x3 starfield map. Getting the single ship module extensions (e.g. X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, etc.) is NO LONGER NECESSARY.

Version 5.3.0

  • Many automatically placed tokens to help reduce the tedium during games.
  • Collision management: move your ship, press C. a collision aide will be placed behind the ship
  • Bomb management: CTRL-B for ships that support it, then use shortcuts on it to spawn a bomb
  • Barrel Roll Management: Ctrl-R, Alt-R for midway template placement (left and right respectively)
  • Decloak Management: J, K for midway decloaks
  • Spoiled TIE Advanced pilots added

Version 5.2.3

  • Scyk dial (not the leaked, but the correct one with green 1 banks) is now in, making the ship playable
  • Wave 6 movement reference cards
  • cosmetic fixes to the large based ship arc graphic (on-base)
  • important game balance fix to the small ship arc graphic (off-base! the one you trigger with CTRL-F)
  • Wave 6 is 100% in now (including missing generic pilot cards)
  • up to 7 colors for mirror match dots with CTRL-M

Version 5.2.2

  • Stuff from the first Imperial Raider preview (Advanced title card, Adv. Targeting computer, Ion Cannon Battery)
  • Stuff from the IG-2000 preview (pilot cards, dial)
  • CR90 main turret fixed
  • Raider corvette BETA debut (no ship graphic, no dial, no pilot card, but the base graphic is there with its arcs)
  • Squad Building Templates updated for 5.2.2

Version 5.2.0

  • New ship graphic layout for every ship (more emphasis on the ship itself)
  • New custom art for Rebel Z-95, Y-Wing, HWK-290 + Imperial FS-31 + Scum FS-31, Z-95, Y-Wing, HWK-290, StarViper, M3-A, Aggressor
  • New integrated maps (classic, deep and light stafield, as well as teal nebula, formerly known as blue nebula)
  • New cards from wave 6
  • Playable StarViper, but missing Aggressor and M3-A dials and pilots
  • New ship shortcuts for action clearing and token stack
  • New helper cards for shortcuts
  • New standalone tokens, can stack with a number (focus, stress, crit, energy, shield, focus)
  • Broadcasted critical damage cards, who performs a move, grid toggling
  • Collision templates (banks and turns with straight 3 tacked on) to help manage bumping
  • Simplification and increased contrast of the obstacle tokens, gray fade-in border, no gray shape flip anymore
  • Several colors added for mirror match dots, also on dials
  • Overflow graphics abandoned
  • There will now only be 1 map pack with its own version number. Its name = Universal_Map_Pack_1.0. All others are outdated and shouldn't be used.

Version 5.1.5

  • Wave 5 ships (YT-2400, VT-49)
  • new overflow graphics for 4 large ships: FS-31, YT-1300, YT-2400, VT-49, activated under ghosting (CTRL-G)
  • new cards from wave 5 and 6
  • Epic maps can now also be played in 3x6 instead of 6x3
  • Segnor Loop can be tried out under the beta StarViper (CTRL-E, ALT-E for left and right)
  • Updated Squad Building Templates
  • Updated Starting Layout with movement markers, chits, bombs, and asteroids & debris.

Version 5.1.2

  • Asteroids have range finders (CTRL-L)
  • Automated barrel rolls (extremities) and straight-2 decloaks (extremities)
  • Each player can now own up to 3 huge ship damage deck sets, of any kind. Damage decks are spawned per player now
  • CR90 main weapon target validation
  • A few more spoiled cards were added (Stay on Target, Dash Rendar crew, Nera Dantels, etc)
  • Full list of changes here:…1-2-is-out-now/
  • Updated and refined Map Extension Pack
  • Updated Squad Building Templates
  • Updated Starting Layout with movement markers, chits, bombs, and new asteroids.

Version 5.1.0

  • GR-75 Transport and CR90 Corvette are now fully playable, with dials, ship tokens and their unique arcs
  • A great amount of tokens were added, fixed, bonified with their own firing arcs (i.e. Ionblaster token) and classified under Pieces/Missions under their mission titles which require them
  • Further spoilers from Rebels Aces added (if I'm not mistaken, that expansion is fully added now), as well as the first spoilers from wave 5
  • Vlog Script files for easy squad building available for all ships. Contains pilot cards, dials, ships and shield chits.
  • "Starting Layout" vlog script can be used for laying out chits and movement markers at the start of a game.

Version 5.0.8

  • Wave 4 is now fully added.
  • Nubs (for template placement on the ships) are now reduced in size to mimick their real tabletop counterparts.
  • Huge ship cards added. Transport and Corvette to be fully operational in the next update.
  • Need a log file that contains asteroids, movement markers and chits? Download the "Starting Pieces" vlog file.

Version 5.0.5

  • Added the new revealed Rebel aces cards, corvette cards and Z-95 cards. New spend focus button. New corvette beta size test (will be revised later) and many other fixes.
  • Added Pilot Cards for easy squad building with Pilot Cards, Ships, Dials and Shields.

Version 5.0.1

  • Added the new revealed X-Wings (4) from the Transport expansion pack, as well as Flechette Torpedoes and the 2 new droids (R3-A2 and R2-D6). This version is completely backwards compatible with your old 5.0.0 squads. There was no modification, only these 7 card additions.

Version 5.0.0

  • Too many features to list here. The main ones are: 1) consolidation into 1 module file for the main core and all expansion packs (part of a wave or not). That's right! No need to download 15+ extension modules on top of the main module. Just the one main module is enough. I heartily suggest also getting the optional 5.0.0 map packs; 2) grid overlays for ship placement; 3) Working keyboard combos for automoves and dice modification; 4) Theorist's implementation of anti-streaking for dice; 5) Tons of new options for the custom game players;
  • The Map packs were repackaged with slight corrections in file size and file names. There's also a new map pack from Gabriel Velasquez with a lot of features and maps with stills from the original trilogy movies, bringing the count to 3 map packs, which are a good idea to get.
  • For a full list of all the changes and a tour of it all, go see:

Version 4.6.1

  • Imperial Aces added. Main module + Tie Interceptor + Tie Advanced packs will also need a 4.6.1 update to add the missing target lock icon for their ship tokens, now that Targeting Computer is a possible ship modification for them (this will be done along with other updates to make it worthwhile).
  • Updated .vlog files with new 181st Interceptor Squadron Pilot Cards, Ship Bases and Chits for easy squad building. Also fixed error with Outer Rim Smuggler.

Version 4.6.0

  • Firing arcs reduced to 80 degrees. All templates & rangle ruler & game board & distance calculator remade with proper, measured sizes. All ship graphics remade. Sharp white borders on ships and templates. Ghost toggle (CTRL-G) that allows to see under a ship. Various fixes (pilot skill value decrement shortkey with CTRL-ALT-P). Shield tokens go up to 6. All is documented here: . Remember to redo your squad logfiles again to gain advantage of the new changes.
  • The vlog pilot cards zip file contains all vassal x-wing ship configurations by type for easy squad building. Logs contain pilot cards, ships, stats, dials, and markers. Click "Load Continuation" and step through the log, and the ships will appear on the play surface. Add and delete as necessary, and create new logfile with your squad.
  • New map packs are all corrected for new board sizes. Yagyu maps have been updated.

Version 4.5.1

  • Various cosmetic glitches are fixed, some cards filed in correct categories. Seismic and Proton Bomb tokens now display a range 1 splash area (use ALT-S, CTRL-S to cycle graphic states to get there)

Version 4.5

  • Wave 3 is added in various files (B-Wing, Lambda, TIE Bomber, Hwk-290 and Explodey Things). Koio 2 and 5 added to small ships.
  • September 5th 2013: Upcoming update that adds Wave 3 in the next few days. More information here

Cards and Units are blanked. You MUST own the game to play this module.

Be sure to right-click on Units to discover the shortcuts, this will make your setup and gameplay easier.

Version 4.2

  • Replaced bank maneuver icons with images closer to the physical game components

Version 4.1

  • Adds Template Move actions to move ships without having to manually place templates
  • Required Vassal version upgraded to 3.2.2
  • Uses the Version 4.0 Booster Expansions

Version 4.0

  • Current baseline implementation

Screen Shots


  • AidenDouglass
  • hendersondayton
  • littlebull76
  • Parakitor
  • KickinAces
  • TrevorGoodchild