Module:Struggle for Europe

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Publisher Clash of Arms Games Era WWII
Year 1998 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Struggle for Europe v2.3.vmod Module 20.22 MB 2017-07-051 3.2.17 Aaron Kulkis akulkis00 bennyb
Struggle for Europe v2.2N.vmod Module 19.8 MB 2017-05-21 unknown Tom Cundiff bennyb
Struggle for Europe v2.1.vmod Module 19.77 MB unknown unknown bennyb bennyb


BoardGameGeek links:

The ETO Epic by Clash of Arms Games. Includes War Without Mercy, Brute Force and The Mediterranean

Also available here

Version 2.3

Refactored Parts Inventory Menu Button

Replaced lists within lists with tabs.

Improved Off-board Naval Board

  • Rotated to orient North as up
  • Cleaned up (noisy JPG file) and replaced with smaller and cleaner PNG file.

Counter Tray

Replaced single pieces tray with 5 trays implemented as separate boards:

ALL Trays have units/markers separated by which game box (War Without Mercy / Brute Force / The Mediterranian) that the pieces appeard in. Some scenarios specify that certain pieces (esp. forts and airfields) may not exceed the number in the particular box it appeared in.

  • Markers For game status markers
  • Axis Germany, Bulgaria, Finnland, Hungary, Italy, Rumania, Slovak, Spanish Blue Div.
  • Soviet Soviet / Siberian forces on own tray
  • Allied Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Free French, Greece, Holland, Norway, USA, Yugoslavia + Poland.
  • Neutrals Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Portugual, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey

Screen Shots


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