Module:The Blitzkrieg Legend: The Battle for France, 1940

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Publisher The Gamers Era WWII
Year 2012 Topic Western Front
Players 2 Scale Operational
Length moderate Series Operational Combat Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
BlitzkriegLegend_v4_26.vmod Module 66.53 MB 2015-01-07 3.2.15
BlitzkriegLegend_v4_25_rc3.vmod Module 66.56 MB 2013-05-15 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer George Hayward
Contributors Bill Gustafson Jeff Coyle


George Hayward developed all of the Fog of War (FOW) enabled OCS modules. Sadly, he passed away in June of 2013. I (Bill Gustafson) have uploaded the most current FOW OCS modules from his now defunct web page, and have removed references to that web page and his email address. If you have more recently updated modules please let me know, and I will upload them. If you find bugs with the existing modules you can also let me know, and I can try to fix them. I do not have copies of the previous versions of the modules, so if for some reason you want those to be centrally available, please email me and tell me where to get them.

4.26 Custom code recompiled for Vassal versions 3.2.14+

Latest Versions of all FOW OCS Modules will be put in a centralized web location at some point in the near future.

Instructions on how to use all 4.0 modules can be found by pressing the "Module Use Instructions" button in the module. Failure to read the instructions will lead to frustration.

With permission of MMP

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