Module:The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches

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Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2015 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Variable Scenario Length Series Grand Tactical Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TGD_v189.vmod Module 57.43 MB 24-Aug-17 3.2 Version History 2 KB 24-Aug-17
TGD_v186.vmod Module 57.31 MB 5-Oct-15 3.2 Version History 829 bytes 5-Oct-15
TGD_v185.vmod Module 57.32 MB 1-Sep-15 3.2 Version History 294 bytes 1-Sep-15

Module Information

Maintainer Brent Easton (Other modules by Brent Easton)
Contributors Brent Easton, Mike Curtis


The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold is the first volume in a three volume series covering the battle of Normandy in June of 1944. It not only introduces a new theater but also provides version 2.0 updates for the GTS rules. Assaults have been streamlined, the artillery rules have been improved, and various other changes have been made to make this version of GTS an even better gaming experience.

Version 1.8.9 fixes a number of bugs in the v1.8.6 module:

  • Replace 346 Division Artillery Units in Camaign 2 scenarios to fix Enter/Leave Artillery Park behaviour
  • Fixed spelling of Supressed to Suppressed.
  • Fixed C/Ins of Crt unit to be properly independent.
  • Fixed Scharfsch.Sch. unit to be properly independent.
  • Fixed 3./SS-PzArt 12 Contact/Pending marker to show correct unit.
  • Fixed incorrect -2 Defence Rating of A, B/13/18 KRH to -3.
  • Fixed Hex 51.018 to be Bocage, not Orchard. Fixed hex 22.012 to be Woods, not impassable.
  • Added Entrenchments to units in Radar Stations in Campaign Scenarios.
  • Fixed A,B,C/2 Middlesex and A,B,C/CHO counters to have 2 range.
  • Rebuilt Black Baron scenario to match v1.1 Scenario book.
  • Fixed incorrect LC, Support G counter in Campaign Scenarios.
  • Fixed Phone Units to be In Command regardless of Leader location.
  • Fixed Battalion ownership issues with 2 Devon units.
  • Fixed Command issue with Brig Wyman counter.
  • Fixed Issues with Attacking from Artillery Parks for 50th and 346/711 Divisions
  • Barrage markers now affect stats of units in Artillery Parks.
  • Can use Artillery Contact markers to attack with their associated Artillery.
  • Barrage Markers to show as Blocking terrain in Attack Wizard LOS.
  • Black Stripe Independents are automatically activated when in command range of a Leader whose Formation Activation chit is drawn.
  • Refreshed all scenario startup counters.
  • Change Hex 70.033 from Town to Village
  • Add missing Clear terrain to 2 Nemesis hexes
  • Add missing submenus and commands to Rearguard units
  • Fix 2 Can Arm Command issues - Rec/1st Hussars, Rec/ShWdFs
  • Remove incorrect -2 defence modifier for units In Column on Hill
  • Fix incorrect -2 defence modifier for attacking accross ridge against unarmored target to -1
  • Fix incorrect -3 defence modifier to -1 for Recce/5 RTR & Recce4/CLY
  • Fixed Beach terrain on overlays not being recognised by Attack Wizard
  • Fixed Bocage marker to show correct defence adjustment of -1
  • Update graphics for 12ss IN5 and Lehr IN6 scenario cards
  • Update versions of scenarios IN#1, AD#3, CA#1, CA#2
  • Made Michael Wittman counter a proper leader and fixed setup for Black Baron Scenario LE#1
  • Change hex 78.061 to not Hill

Version 1.8.6 fixes a number of bugs in the v1.8.5 module:

  • Fix reversed Sunken and Embankment terrain modifiers and mouseover display
  • Fix Armoured combat modifiers for City, Fortified and Hill hexes
  • Fix scenarios with side already taken
  • Fix Telephone cut marker on Wn33a
  • Rebuild Storming Gold scenario to fix counter selection issues
  • Fix Step marker on 6AB s3/s4 AL AT, RA counters to show 2 steps
  • Leaders in Landing Wave have no command range
  • Added Bridge Destroyed marker
  • Added Destroyed command to Bridge counters to show 'Destroyed' text
  • Fix Command checking for 48 Cdo units
  • Drift markers created by Attack Wizard now seen by both players
  • Air units and LCR's no longer affected by negative attack modifiers
  • Changed Company Bonus die button icon in Attack Wizard to d10
  • Hex 74.004 on Gold overlay changed from Beach to correct terrain of Clear
  • Opponent sees correct Indpendent attachment level when Leader adds attached unit
  • Add chat message when leader activates an independent

Screen Shots


  • Brent Easton
  • Alessandro Demichelis
  • Chris Anthony
  • Dan Schulz
  • Daniel Tallarek
  • Mike Curtis
  • Norman Harman
  • Ryan Opel