Module:The Longest Day

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Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1980 Topic Western Front
Players 2+ Scale Operational
Length long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
TLD-v0.4b20.vmod Module 18.04 MB 2020-01-30 3.2.7 WGA-Bill Thomson
200130-v04b20-THE-LONGEST-DAY-Version-History.pdf Version History for WGA upgrade version for 0.4p20; major revision, final version of 0.4, all units used in scenario 1 updated, scenario 1 file updated, structural improvements; collaborators welcome, have started version 0.5 to update units introduced in scenario 2 with further structural enhancements 53 KB 2020-01-30 3.2.7 WGA-Bill Thomson
TLD-v0.3p21.vmod Module 17.98 MB 2020-01-17 3.2.7 WGA-Bill Thomson
v03b21-THE-LONGEST-DAY-Version-History.pdf Version History for WGA upgrade final version of 0.3; major revision; collaborators welcome 30 KB 2020-01-17 3.2.7 WGA-Bill Thomson
Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
tld- Module 16.37 MB 2018-03-19 3.0+
tld- Module 16.6 MB 2018-03-10 3.0+
tld-0.1.2.vmod Module 9.94 MB 2018-01-09 3.0+
tld-0.1.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+
tld-0.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+
tld.vmod Module 7.48 MB unknown unknown
README README "README" does not exist 2007-10-28 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Uckelman
Contributors Brent Easton, Bill Thomson, Jeff Wise, Stephen Sawyers, Scott Hill


Updated 2020/01/17 Interim version of an ongoing major enhancement in progress by Wargame Academy. See Version history file. Seeking players to argument the player advisory panel. Module being updated daily. Intention is to play TLD pbem with minimum effort.

Update 2019/12/20 Wargame Academy is currently updating to version 0.3 to WGA standard vassal module capability with so far 5 others serving on the panel for input. Due to continuous updates, it is not yet posted. Contact me directly for status info or to join TLD panel;

Update 2018/03/19: Added Mask/Unmask option for the force pool units, to play with Fog of War, don't work with units deployed in maps. Updated splash screen. Use (tools-refresh counters) to update any corrections made to the base images.

Update 2018/03/10:, Historical corrections made to U.S. Armored Divisional Artillery. They all have 18 barrels per Battalion not 12. I have added Blue to the Attack values of all Artillery type units and red to all units that are eligible to move in the Mech movement phase, this is to make sure the player does not miss out by not seeing the unit. Coastal artillery is in Purple so you don't add it to a ground attack later when they are stacked with other combat units. I have added air interdiction ZOC counters to the Air chart so that they can be used to hue the affected areas, this way it will be easy to know when you have entered an air interdicted hex. The Allied Player Simply uses the clone action to make as many as you need. I hope to do more research into German units and create a more historical order of battle for the module within the next 3-6 months, Thanks to Stephen for the assist in finding documentation sources for the British assault forces update. Feedback would be appreciated.

UPDATE 2018/01/09: 0.1.2 module corrections and add-ons: Corrections 4th inf div U.S. defense values have been changed to 6's Missing spitfire FB 125 added. 76/3rd arty has been slotted in its proper place on sword assault group. U.S. airborne artillery battalions have been added to the setup drop zone table.3/325 Glider inf has replaced the 505 unit in D+1 drop zone W. Replacement units have been given a rotation function to show the step process for absorption into active on-board units. The 12th ss panzer division missing mechanized inf unit has been placed on the entry track,the erroneous HQ has been removed.Turns out the 2nd layer was linked to the 272 HQ...weird. Use Tools-refresh counters to update corrections if needed. Special unit entry numbers have been place under each unit so they are now available to check against activation die rolls. TEC, Combat charts and the allied assault landing chart have been added to the module. A complete gunfire control display with bombardment table has been added.

Notes: Setup cards are not generally needed 2 are provided for re-enforcement arrival times. but as the scenarios have a set up function that shows you the set up area by color for each division some are not needed.

UPDATE 06/05/25: TAHGC BIG game, seven pounds of game. It covers the landings and breakout of Normandy. The TLD module effort has committed resources as of 060514 with the strategy of modular assembly starting with scenario, 1. Some additional Java coding requirements are defined.

Assistance to either the module configuration or contributors are welcome. a WGA 2nd edition Rulebook project is also active in parallel. Anyone whose play experience has identified rules issues; options; standards etc are welcome.

Initial challenges are decisions regarding the map which will challenge memory limits. Hence the decision to start with Scenario one.

Game information


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