Module:The Longest Day

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Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1980 Topic Western Front
Players 2+ Scale Operational
Length long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
tld-0.1.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+
tld-0.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+
tld.vmod Module 7.48 MB unknown unknown
README README "README" does not exist 2007-10-28 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Uckelman
Contributors Brent Easton, Bill Thomson, Jeff Wise


Notes: Setup cards for some scenarios are missing from the module.

UPDATE 060525: TAHGC BIG game, seven pounds of game. It covers the landings and breakout of Normandy. The TLD module effort has committed resources as of 060514 with the strategy of modular assembly starting with scenario, 1. Some additional Java coding requirements are defined.

Assistance to either the module configuration or contributors are welcome. a WGA 2nd edition Rulebook project is also active in parallel. Anyone whose play experience has identified rules issues; options; standards etc are welcome.

Initial challenges are decisions regarding the map which will challenge memory limits. Hence the decision to start with Scenario one.

Game information


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