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Publisher Decision Games Era WWII
Year 2010 Topic Global War
Players 1 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
AxisEmpires_ver_11.26_with_SK.vmod Module 52.58 MB 2018-10-02 3.2 marchanna gdaudin
AxisEmpires_ver_11.25_with_SK.vmod Module 51.21 MB 2018-06-14 3.2 marchanna gdaudin
AxisEmpires_ver_11.23_with_SK.vmod Module 50.36 MB 2017-08-31 3.2 marchanna bstingley
AxisEmpires_ver_11.14_no_SK.vmod Module 42.83 MB 2017-08-08 3.2 marchanna bstingley
AxisEmpires_10.65_bamgames.vmod Module 33.31 MB 2013-01-25 3.2 Boka brucesears, Jym
AxisEmpires_10.63_bamgames.vmod‎ Module 32 MB 2013-01-23 3.2 Jym brucesears
AxisEmpires_10.55_bamgames.vmod‎ Module 28.11 MB 2013-01-16 3.2 Jym brucesears
AxisEmpires_9.0.91-perso.vmod‎ Module 44 MB 2012-07-30 3.1 pborgnat brucesears
AxisEmpires_9.0.7-perso.vmod Module 43.9 MB 2011-12-08 3.1 pborgnat brucesears
AxisEmpires_8_56.vmod Module 10.1 MB 2011-08-04 unknown brucesears
DS 1937 Start.vsav At Start Setup 1937 (Pacific Theatre) 38 KB 2011-05-08 unknown brucesears
AxisEmpires_7_13.vmod Module 9.02 MB unknown unknown brucesears
AE 1937 Start.vsav At Start Setup 1937 79 KB unknown unknown brucesears
Out of Date Files
TK2_2_00.vmod Module 12.74 MB unknown unknown brucesears santi
TK2_1_03.vmod Module 16.71 MB unknown unknown brucesears santi
TK2_base_1_00.vmod Module 16.6 MB unknown unknown brucesears santi
TK2_no_maps.vmod Module 9.12 MB unknown unknown brucesears santi


Version 11.26:

  • Added missing US Naval Superiority marker to Counters and DS Tray.
  • Updated all scenarios.

Version 11.25:

  • Corrected Placement of Texas BB in 1937 scenario.
  • Added missing Servron markers to Counters and DS Tray.
  • Added scenarios for DS 1943.
  • Based on May 2017 upgrade kit and 2018 Scenario update information.

Version 11.23:

  • Added all SK counters and included a 1937 start TK/DS scenario.
  • Added SK charts for battles and shipbuilding.
  • Added scenario with empty maps for combined TK and DS.
  • updated ESV chart.
  • All based on the May 2017 upgrade kit.
  • fixed error where Allied blitz markers did not highlight radius properly.

Version 11.14:

  • Added the replacement/new option cards, errata/new counters and the improved charts for the 'vanilla' game, based on the May 2017 upgrade kit.
  • Updated map artwork for both TK and DS, based on the May 2017 upgrade kit. There are minor aesthetic errors due to overlay positioning.
  • SK materials (from the May 2017 upgrade kit) will be added in an update, once the many e-counters for ships/LBAs are created -- target timeframe Sept 2017.

Version 10.6x:

  • Added option cards (and political charts and counters) for the upgrade kit.
  • Added European War Status tracks in the "turn track" window (both for the published version and the "upgrade kit").
  • Added "Custom US" counters from CSW (more green, correct card id number).
  • Counter Tray ergonomy improvement.

Version 10.5: Rewrite and modified from the previous version:

  • Card images from the published version.
  • Complete rewrite of the internal system, including:
    • Commitment of Support to the other theatre.
    • Activation of minors to one faction.
    • "smart" Force Pool remembering the position of counters (avoid stacking when sending to pool).
  • Counters Trays for easier access to counter during game.
  • Shading of Weather areas and weather for current turn.
  • Shades for Failure, Blitz and HQ areas.

Version 9.0:

  • Fixed Map and Cards from the published AE games (Decision Games, 2011).
  • Work in progress: there are still some errors (small ones on cards, counter trays not fixed, Turn tracks not updated in the mini-window) that will be corrected soon.

Version 8.56:

  • Fixed Units for Card 20, I-Boat pop-up options.

Version 8.55:

  • Fixed Sea Zone, updated turn track to show proper weather listings.

Version 8.54:

  • Added missing DS Western Card 1b.

Version 8.53:

  • (TK + DS)- Updated to Designers' Release June 2010 (Major DS update from v7.13)

Version 7.13:

  • (TK + DS)- Updated to Designers' Release April, '09

By permission of Alan Emrich. New Version of Axis Empires in development from In continuous updates.

WW II Strategic Level Simulation covering both the European and Pacific Theatres

Living rules and scenarios:

Old stuff follows...

  • 11/23/07 - New release of module after a new release of TK2. This module conforms to the new rules and updates at
  • 10/6/06 - Version 2.00 released 10/6/2006. No functional changes from 1.03, but much smaller (in memory) maps. The map quality is slightly worse (but still decent), but 4 MB have been shaved off the size of the mod, which should increase rendering speed quite a bit.
  • ~ 7/1/06 - Version 1.00 released. The mod is about 17 MB, so cannot be downloaded as a single file, but is reasonbly simple to build from the parts.

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