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Publisher Australian Design Group Era WWII
Year 1985 Topic Global War
Players 2-6 Scale Strategic
Length 300+ Hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
World in Flames Module "World in Flames" does not exist 2015-06-02 3.2.15

Module is hosted here, RAW8 module with KiF, alternate off-map hex arrangement, and counter trails

World in Flames Module "World in Flames" does not exist 2015-06-02 3.2.15

Module is hosted here, module updated for RAW8

7.00 - Reskin
World in Flames 700 - Module 536 B 2012-08-09 3.1.15

Module is hosted here replace .zip with .vmod

World in Flames Module 2 KB 2011-10-09 3.1.15

Module is hosted here

World in Flames 630.vmod Module "World in Flames 630.vmod" does not exist 2011-10-09 unknown
World in Flames 630.vmod Module "World in Flames 630.vmod" does not exist 2011-10-09 unknown
World in Flames 623.vmod Module "World in Flames 623.vmod" does not exist unknown unknown
Alternate Alternate Module - Project abandoned! Sadly vassalengine could not handle the counter logic implemented, on the WIF scale. Module available on request Dabrion

Module Information

Contributors Paul_wifferGriffitz62, bpzrd,pdulisse,Dabrion,Mike "Davout" Fuller


Now includes: AfA, AsA, MiF, PiF, SiF, PaTiF, AiF, DoD3, 2008 Annual.

Version 6.30 files and related information can be found here

The v6.30 release is a slightly different version of this module - 99% the work of the original author so all credit remains with him - that adds a few (hopefully) useful features. It is a different development trunk from the original module so don't expect them to be compatible in the long run.

This also has been a labor of love for what I also consider to be the best grand strategy wargame. None of the following would be possible without the excellent efforts of Kendall Griffiths and those who assisted him in getting the module as far as Version 6.23

New Author and Development Trunk

Development efforts have transitioned to a new author. Information on current development efforts are posted periodically at this blog

Module v6.39 is hosted here

To Download v7.00: Click the link below, once there, Click on "Download". It will warn there is no virus check. There is nothing in the file other than the Vassal module. Click the "Download anyway" link to download the module. NOTE: The Vassal program will directly open this zip file as a Vassal module. You do NOT have to unzip its contents. (If desired, Vassal can also be used to edit it and will save the module as file type "zip" rather than "vmod".)

Module v7.00 is hosted here

Key Changes to Version 7.00 of World in Flames for Vassal

Version 7.00 Additions and Changes (in order of importance):

  • Added the ability to randomly draw US Entry Chits and keep them secret to only the drawing player. Added a “Chit Randomizer” above the US Entry Pools on the American mini-map, for the purpose of randomly moving chits from an Entry Pool to a Tension Pool. See Using U.S. Entry Chits.
  • Modified all the Force Pools to include Random Pick boxes.
  • Added a two pixel wide black bar to the bottom and right sides of all the counters. This gives them a bit of “relief” in their appearance but more importantly, it adds delineation between them when you get the fly-out picture by hovering over a stack with the mouse. It used to drive me crazy (and cross-eyed) looking at a big stack of naval units!
  • Added hotkeys to toggle the appearance of each Force Pool and the other maps. All of these use the ALT key plus one letter which is the first letter of the tab at the top. Some exceptions: for Charts, you use ALT-W for Weather, because it is one often recalled. (There are no other hotkeys once you are within the Charts.) ALT-B for the Commonwealth ( Britain ) and ALT-R for USSR ( Russia ).
  • Revised the appearance of the Weather and Naval Combat charts to reduce the need to scroll them or to resize their windows.
  • Added the Simple FiF production chart to each Force Pool (for optional use) – thanks to Lane Brody for the rules and Glen Bailey for the chart. (Also, players may find it more convenient to use these Repair, Construction, Reserve and Lend Lease pools then the ones on the Production spiral, but suit yourself.)
  • Added two new holding areas for the Nazi-Soviet Pact Chits over top of where the “World in Flames” and “Patton in Flames” logos were on the Eastern European map.
  • Added an area for scrapped units to be placed because the original way of marking them obscured what they were. This way you just drag the unit to the scrap area.
  • Added one Global War set-up file to the list under File/New Game. It is for deluxe with POLiF but without Heavies, AiF, and PatiF and adds only the land units from the 2008 Annual. It is the only set-up presently which has many units already placed in their Random Pick boxes. Of course you can edit it to add/delete any units you like and make your own starting deluxe ‘vsav’ file.
  • Re-ordered the unit right click menu items so that “Delete” and “Flip” are at opposite ends of the menu (to help prevent the oft-made error of deleting rather than flipping a unit) and removed the right-click menu items of “Scrapped”, “Counter-in-play” and “Random Select” (as they did not seem useful). Unfortunately, this is not a retroactive change and each unit must be deleted and then re-created for it to take effect, so it will only apply to units created going forward.
  • Changed the auto-reporting of moves to be more verbose.
  • Added an area for destroyed units to each Force Pool so players have the option to decide at turn-end on scrapping them, as this often is a time-saver in PBEM games.
  • Added a Pilot Track and an O-Point Track to each Force Pool (for optional use), although you may prefer to use a more common area such as the Production Spiral Pilot Track, to have an overview of all Power’s O-points at one go.
  • A good side effect to all the Force Pool changes is that you don’t seem to have to resize their windows or scroll them as much when you open them. (A caveat is that this may be monitor-size-dependent though. Mine is 1680 x 1050.)
  • Changed the presentation of the Help information from plain text to HTML. Note here that when you use these Help files, Vassal will remember whichever one you viewed last and the next time you click on “Help Files” the last one viewed is what you’ll see. (This does not carry over to the next time you use the Vassal WiF module.) At the bottom of each Help File are links back to where you came from.

For questions or suggestions for further improvements, please email me at:

Note: Due to its large size (>120MB) these modules cannot be hosted here.

Version 7.00 Reskin

Version 7.00 Reskin is exactly the same as version 7.00 except the 4 primary maps (East & West Europe, Asia, and Pacific) have been re-skinned. Module v7.00 is hosted here

Any comments or suggestions please contact me at

I would like to thanks Board Game Geeks: azalin1982 and especially wifwendell for their suggestions.

-- Mike "Davout" Fuller

Version 8.81

  • Modified version of 7.00 with charts updated for RAW8 and other minor tweaks

Version 8.88

Version 8.81 with the following additions:

  • toggleable counter-trails
  • Khaki in Flames additional counters & resources
  • added convoy points tokens with incrementable values
  • added Andrew Rader's alternate off-map hex map mod (all off map hex areas are changed/expanded)

Screen Shots


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