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The USA Irregulars don't flip on hitting the Reset Phase button. Version 1.1: The number of NVA guerrillas is not updating and currently the counter is stuck at zero.

Capability Markers

Q. How do I place Capability Markers?

A. You have to fiddle with it. In the upper left corner, there are sliders that are partially hidden. Expose them with mouse drags to reveal a drop-down list of all the Capabilities Markers. These can be dragged over to the Capabilities Box.

Movement trails not erasing`

Ver 2.1.

After pressing "End Faction Play" there are movement trails that aren't erased. Not always, and not all of them. Not able to determine why sometimes they erase and sometimes they don't. (Ah it looks like it's just bases that don't erase the movement trails). After pressing "Reset Phase" the player tokens are not moved to Eligible.

Thanks for the great Vassal module. I like the way you put all the player aids on the side of the board so that you don't always have to have that board window open. And putting the Coup! phase rules out there was genius too! Great work!