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Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Here_I_Stand_3.1.vmod Module 7.78 MB 2013-08-19 3.2.7+
Here_I_Stand_3.0.vmod Module 7.81 MB 2013-05-16 3.2.2+
Here_I_Stand_2.7.vmod Module 7.7 MB 2012-04-16 3.1.18+
Here_I_Stand_2.6.vmod Module 7.7 MB 2012-01-03 3.1.15+
Here_I_Stand_2.5.vmod Module 7.66 MB 2011-11-14 3.1.15+
Here_I_stand_1_21.vmod Module 9.73 MB unknown unknown

Here I Stand Module History

Version 3.1

New Features
  • Labels on Religious Struggle display to clearly mark the outlined boxes as shufflers for debaters
  • Reporting for exploration/conquest markers placed via right-clicking the Crossing Atlantic box
  • Fixed egregious error that prevented keys from flipping to their Protestant religious side
  • Protestant debaters properly report the number of VP scored when they get burned at the stake
  • Corrected Henry Petitions For Divorce diplomacy card to be dealt properly by the menus

Version 3.0

New Features
  • Automatic VP adjustment (Protestant space count changes, New World discoveries/conquests, key/electorate control changes, burned/disgraced debaters, Chateaux/Piracy/St Peter's tracks, etc)
  • Hex control markers now built into the map itself (right-click a map space to change control, religion, or add/remove unrest)
  • Label for draw pile showing number of remaining cards
  • Protestant Spaces marker is now user-adjustable if count gets off (should rarely if ever happen, given how HCMs work)

Version 2.7

New Features
  • New messaging for the automated Protestant Spaces tracking will indicate when Protestant/Papal VPs need adjustment
  • All land units have an Eliminated action which returns them to their stack in the force pool
  • French Chateaux and Ottoman Piracy VP track markers now move by drag-and-drop
  • Henry's wives will now auto-place the Elizabeth 2VP marker on that pregnancy chart result
  • Eliminated the requirement to play the Barbary Pirates card to enable flipping Ottoman squadrons to their corsair side (based on user feedback)
  • Fixed small bug introduced in 2.6 that placed the wrong marker when Edward VI is born
  • Fixed St Peter's CP/VP tracks to prevent a rare error with the marker locations

Version 2.6

New Features
  • Toolbar menu that can deal cards into all player hands (allows one person to deal cards instead of requiring each player to draw into their hand in succession)
  • Toolbar buttons in each player hand to give a random card to another player and to discard a random card (old Card Exchange window has been eliminated)
  • Leaders and reformers are stacked on the Turn Track and have been removed from the palette
  • Home cards no longer flip face down when used--should fix issue of home cards sometimes not auto-returning on Turn advance

Version 2.5

New Features
  • Simplified process of reforming and counter-reforming empty Hapsburg, English, French, and Protestant home spaces
  • Dragging and dropping power VP markers on the VP Track now sets VP directly (no more use of arrow keys)
  • Corrected Unrest and Jesuit University layers of control markers to display on top instead of below (accidentally broke this in 2.4)
  • Fixed Master of Italy and Council of Trent cards so they obey toolbar functions in hand windows
  • Fixed error where Renegade leader didn't stack with land units

Version 1.21

Original version of the module by alfonso