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Using the Module

This section is a work in progress. Last update 4 April 2011.

This is a temporary help file for using this module. When completed, this information will be contained in the module itself under the help menu.

The most important thing to remember when playing games on VASSAL is that nothing is automated. From the rules of the game to interacting with the pieces, VASSAL is nothing more than a place to play, like your table at home. Every aspect of gameplay must be initiated and enforced by the players.

The purpose of this help file is to instruct you on how to use VASSAL to play Summoner Wars™. Please note that this module purposely does not include setup and play information for the game itself; you must reference your physical copy of the game to know how to play. For more information on Summoner Wars, including purchasing info, please visit Plaid Hat Games [1].

Note: This guide is Windows-centric. When this guide says to right-click, Mac users need to Option.

To start a new game, select New Game from the file menu. You will be prompted to choose a player number and a map.

To load a previously saved game, select Load Game from the file menu. You will be prompted to find the file you wish to load.

To join a game on the internet, see Server Control Window, below.

Game Setup

Once the game loads, you will see the Summoner Wars™ battlefield. You may have to open the table window (see Buttons, below). There are three zones to the table in VASSAL: Summoner One's row, the Battlefield, and Summoner Two's row.

The first time you play, you'll need to create your deck. The contents of the standard decks are purposely left out of this module—you'll have to reference your physical copy of the game to know how many of and which cards belong in your deck. To build your deck, drag the component cards of our deck from the Cards window (see Buttons, below) to the battlefield.

Saving your Deck: Once you have your deck assembled, stack all the cards on your Summoner Wars logo, right-click, and save the deck.

Loading your Deck: You can load previously saved decks by right-clicking the Summoner Wars logo and selecting the deck you want to use. After the deck is loaded, right-click the deck and select Use This Deck, which sends that deck to your draw pile.

Gameplay Tips

Portion your saved decks into smaller files. You can save time during setup by creating multiple saved decks: one for your setup cards and one for your draw pile.

Move stacks of cards using the highlight tool. To move multiple cards stacked on top of one another, click & drag a rectangle around the whole stack to "highlight" it, then you can click, hold, and drag the stack to the destination. The reporting window will show which cards move.

A more comprehensive guide is available here: [2]