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The module has the fifth player, yellow, but you can not select it at the start or via the resign option (Didn't know where else to put this comment)

Possible usability changes?

Thanks for the module -- been waiting for this! However, I found this a bit difficult to use. Would you be able to make a few modifications? - enable a setup function which places the markers on the appropriate tracks, sea tiles on the sea pile, etc. - enable selection of a specific brown tile from the stack - allow cards to be placed overlapping and offset: green cards to show only the tags, blue cards to show the tags and the top half of the card (e.g., if they have actions) - on player mats, add text fields with +/- buttons to make income/resource management easier. Having to drag gold/silver/copper cubes around is OK in real life but not so fun/easy in Vassal - it would be nice to have a button that automatically does the income step (move energy to heat, then give everyone income in each of the various resources) ... not sure that's possible in Vassal?

Again, thanks!

How to play


Can you englighten noobs about how to play with Terraformin Mars module for Vassal ?

What is automatic and what is not ? - How do the counters work ? - What are they for ?

How can you hide your hand from other players ? - I can't see how to change the players hand with restriction to other players. - I added the option to mask/show all elements in each players hand, but that button is available to everyone, so it's quite not functional.

How come the Projects and Corporate Era cards are in 2 different piles, and how can you mix them ? - found out : right click on the ERA pile to mix it with project cards

The board contains squares and hexagons on the sides, what for ? Is it to place your tile while thinking where to place it on the board ? What are the 3 squares for around the board :same reason as above ? To have a few Color cubes available to show the moves ?

Do we need to name a player in charge of dealing with the resources, or should anybody play when they want and grab what they can ? - edited my module so each colored cube is restircted to be moved by the observer AND the player AND the one who initialy placed it. This allows for a player to organize each other's maps and assist in moving some cubes. The white cubes belong to observer AND the 1st one to place them. So again, the 1st player will be in charge of moving these markers.

On the development part, is it possible to add text to the cards ? So we can make a translated pop-up version of each project card ? - Have to add a text to each individual card - This can also be done for tiles, like Ocean. Unfortunately, the city/forest tiles can only have 1 text. It seems a flipped tile can't have different texts depending on their side.

Thanks for your help / work / and the global initiative.