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Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't the map be better off laid out in landscape alignment rather then portrait? That way we could get more of it onscreen at once.

Questions on interface

The module is overall very good considering the game it represents.

Wonder why we can't "randomize" the reinforcement time stacks (the ones with rumors etc.), It looks like they are randomized when you start a game, but would be nice to re-randomize if you want.

The Confederate reinforcement counter when in there Chambersburg spots can't be "peeked" at, you have to move the top one off the space then can select "Peek"

Why is Kilpatrick in the union reinforcement stack? it always goes on Taneytown space.

Also why is there no Sequence of play? I always refer to this in Face to face games and would be nice if we had it in game.

Otherwise it is a good module so far.