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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Multi-Action Button

The Multi-Action Button combines multiple buttons in a toolbar into a single button.  The named buttons are removed from the toolbar and a new button is added.  Pressing this button automatically  invokes the actions of all the other buttons in the order given.

Button Text:   The text of the button to be added to the toolbar.  
Button Icon:   Icon for the toolbar button.
Hotkey:   Keyboard shortcut for the toolbar button.
Buttons:   Enter the text of the buttons that you wish to invoke as a result of pushing this button.  They will be invoked in the order listed.

EXAMPLE:  A Global Key Command is defined that resets the fatigue level of all armies on the map.  A second Global Key Command returns them to their home base.  A Multi-Action Button can be used to combine both actions into a single button.

EXAMPLE:  A Dice Button is defined that exposes its result as a property named Damage.  Some Game Pieces are defined with a Trigger Action trait that compares the level of a Layer (representing armor) with the Damage property and deletes the piece if the level is below the Damage value.  A Global Key Command invokes the Trigger Action.  A Multi-Action Button is defined that invokes the Dice Button, followed by the Global Key Command, resulting in the automatic deletion of any units with armor less than the random amount of damage.