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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Does not Stack

The 'Does not stack' trait means that a piece will not form stacks with other pieces.   If the "Ignore grid" box is selected, then this piece will not snap to the nearest grid location.   The "select piece" option controls how the piece is selected: either normally, never (can never be selected), only when the shift key is down (shift-click to select the piece), or only when the Alt and shift keys are down (alt-click to select the piece). The "move piece" option controls how the piece is moved: either normally, never (cannot be moved once placed) or only if selected (select piece, then click and drag to move).

EXAMPLE: Use non-stacking pieces to represent playing cards in games that mix cards and counters, so that the cards can be placed on a map without interfering with stacks of counters.  

EXAMPLE:  Pieces that represent map features, such as destroyed bridges or control markers, can use the "Move piece never" option so that players do not inadvertently move them around.