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First report to the head of inquisition

The birth of our noble crusade

As I took my first step through the battered gates of mordheim I saw a witch in an old beggar's form. His twisted body didn't fool me and I quickly fired my pistol at his stomach before he could put some wicked spell on me! As the witch bled to death and we prepared a fire to burn his twisted body he started babbling about some chest hidden in the ruins nearby. We listened to the man as he told us about the chest. I suspected that it would be a trap set by the witch but I knew we could handle whatever he tries to fool us into.

We set the witche's corpse on fire and went looking for the chest. Just as Uno, one of our brave and strong flagellants found the chest we heard wicked cries of demons, witches, heretics and other beings of chaos. We had triggered the witche's trap! We quickly fled from the place with the chest. The cries of the creatures were numerous and we would've been great underdogs against such a large crew of corrupted beings.

Later as we set camp and opened the chest we found gold, gems and a sword. We traded the gems to firearms and armor with an honest salesman, may Sigmar bless his soul.

We eagerly wait for cleansing mordheim from evil.

In Sigmar's name, Master Inquisitor Thomas

Second report to the head of inquisition

The first conflict

We continued our search for worshippers of evil within the gates of mordheim. We met a band of noble Marienburgers that were also humble men of Sigmar. Their leader told us about a band of filthy greenskins trying to bring wyrdstone to a marketplace so they could fill their bellies with fungus beer, hallucinogenic mushrooms and other vile substances used only by the worshippers of the ungod Waaaagh!

We agreed to assist the Royal men on their mission and ambushed the greenskins! I personally took out two evil critters but Uno, one of our brave flagellants got knocked out in the battle. As the numbers of the greenskins started to fewer the Marienburgers told us that we should carry the flagellant to safety and they could take it from there. Confident on the mercenarie's skills we left them to take out the rest of the goblins.

Father Urlic healed Uno with his prayers to Sigmar and as Uno woke up he suddenly seemed reasonable or even smart for a flagellant. Perhaps he learned of his mistakes. I think we all learned something from the battle. I myself feel being in touch with my men more than ever and they seem to respect my in return.

When I visited the marketplace I saw a famous retired pit fighter looking for work to feed his wife and children. I immediately recognized him as Theodor the Just who is known as a loyal serveant of Sigmar. We offered the man a job in our warband and he agreed for a mere price of 15gc per battle he gets in.

We look forward to burning more witches!

In Sigmar's name, Master Inquisitor Thomas