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VASSAL Reference Manual

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A Marker is used to mark a game piece as having a particular Property.   Setting a property does not in itself give a game piece any particular behavior.   The property must be recognized by some other class in the module.   Markers are used by Global Key Command and Game Piece Layers components and often by custom Java classes used in a module.

You can combine multiple name-value pairs by separating the names and values with a comma (','). To use a comma in a name or value, precede it with a backslash ('\').

EXAMPLE:   A Marker with property name "owner" and property value "sigmund" would return "sigmund" from getProperty("owner").  Use commas to set multiple properties with a single Marker.   A Marker with name "owner,status" and value "sigmund,unknown" would also return "unknown" from getProperty("status").