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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Restricted Access

Specify the side to which this piece belongs in the Properties of this trait.   The sides must be one of those listed in the Definition of Player Sides.  Only players playing one of the specified sides will be able to modify this GamePiece.  Other players will not see menu items corresponding to traits appearing before this trait in the list of traits for the Game Piece, and the corresponding keyboard commands will do nothing.

If Also belongs to initially-placing player is checked, then the player who initially clicks on the piece or first places it on any map will become the owner, in addition to listed sides.  It is a good idea to specify at least one side when using this option.  Otherwise, any pieces created by an observer will not be able to be removed.  If, during a game, a player hits the Retire button to become an observer, then all pieces owned by that player become owned by nobody, even if the player was already an observer.  If you are creating a Pre-defined Setup, always Retire before saving so that players loading the game, rather than you, will own the pieces in the setup.

Pieces in a Game Piece Palette can be manipulated by anybody so long as no game is in progress.