Rules updates

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The Devil's Cauldron

Rules Updates

Artillery/Mortar Firezones (4-Sep-05)

Mortars and Artillery (green and orange colored firepower boxes) now have fire zones. These fire zones have a maximum range of 3 hexes (regardless of the actual range on the counter). This now allows these guns to op fire if allowed under all conditions of normal op fire. If a orange boxes artillery unit fires as direct or op fire, it fires as a yellow colored FP unit and the range modifier does apply with 3 hexes being considered as their maximum range for direct fire/op fire. Mortars still fire as green units.

No barrage counter is ever placed for direct or op fire.

Guns in assault (4-Sep-05)

Delete the "guns can't ever assault" rule and the -2 penalty for guns in assault. All guns may now assault. In assaults, their FP is considered pink (small arms) and their FP values are always the same value regardless of the actual FP box color or actual FP value. All 2 step guns have a pink FP value of "2" in assaults, all 1 step guns have a pink FP value of 1. 2 step guns units are NOT allowed to roll for Company Bonus as may other units.

Zero Strength Units in Assault (4-Sep-05)

All "0" strength units always have an FP of "0" in all assaults regardless of the strength present on the counter or of unit type.