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Maintainer Bill Thomson(wga)
Contributors wga, jw62

The SPI copyrights are presently the property Decision Games (decisiongames.com). Several Vassal modules were generated and posted on the Vassal site in the 2004 timeframe (War in the Pacific, Battle for Germany). Several others were in progress of being generated and since completed for personal use.

In 2004, Vassal was informed by the UK HEXWARS subscription service that they had exclusive rights for internet play of Decision Game titles per agreement with DG. Hexwars requested all SPI titles be removed from Vassal, Vassal complied. This request was extremely unpopular with Vassal users for several reasons: Hexwars is a subscription service, windows specific, and inherently inferior. Many game owners reject the concept of paying a fee to play games they already purchased years ago. The net effect is SPI titles are not being played by VASSAL users.

Decision games [Christopher Cummins) has confirmed their decision through conversation at WBC 2007.

The net effect is VASSAL and other organizations cannot support posting of any SPI game title modules on their sites nor put any into public domain.

Wargame Academy possesses several modules created by others and internally generated since 2004 for internal use only. Please direct any inquiries to WGA (bill@wargameacademy.org). I personally have several remote play SPI games in progress and completed dating prior to 2004. My ongoing efforts are driven by having opponents available to play games I legally purchased as far as 30 years ago. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I believe I am entitles to play games I own as long as such remote tools do not end up in public domain so as to impact Hexwars profitability in any way.

SPI Titles with java applications complete or in development include:

  • Atlantic Wall-ATW ; SPI 1979
  • Battle For Germany-BFG; SPI 1974/ DG 1994
  • Bloody April-BAP; SPI 1978
  • Campaign for North Africa-CNA; SPI 1978
  • Highway to the Reich-HWR; SPI 1977
  • Operation Typhoon-OTY SPI 1978
  • Panzergruppe Guderian-PGG; SPI 1976 (Note: Republished by TAHGC)
  • Terrible Swift Sword-TSS; SPI 1976 TSR 1986
  • Wacht Am Rhein-WAR; SPI 1977; Republished by Decision Games
  • War Between the States; SPI
  • War in Europe-WIE; SPI/DG
  • War in the East 1st Edition-WITE1; SPI-1974
  • War in the Pacific -WIP SPI 1978
  • WWII: ETO-WW2; SPI Decision games published a DOS application computer War in Europe which inherently includes War in the East 2nd edition, War in the West. DG has sanctioned a current effort in playtest of computer War in Europe 2nd edition on a windows platform.Other titles are not listed as I do not own a copy of the game.BT 071101


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