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The Devil's Cauldron



Extensive use has been made of GamePiece Prototypes to allow functionality to be added as required to specific subsets of counters.

Combat Counters

Each Combat counter has attributes specified by adding one from each of the following sets of prototypes.

Size & Transport

One of:

  • OrganicStep2 - A 2 Step unit with Organic transport.
  • Step2 - A 2 Step unit.
  • Step1 - A 1 Step unit.

Step 0 units have no prototype added. These prototypes will allow the Stack mass to be displayed in the popup counter viewer.

Type & Nationality

One of:

  • Tracked-German
  • Tracked-Allied
  • Wheeled-German
  • Wheeled-Allied
  • Engineer-German
  • Engineer-Allied
  • Infantry-German
  • Infantry-Allied
  • Gun-German
  • Gun-Allied

These prototypes select add the correct right-click commands and markers for each unit.

Gun Type & Range

All units with a range > 1 have a prototype based on their range and type. The number refers to the actual maximum range of the unit as printed on the counter.

  • Range4m - Mortars
  • Range24a - Artillery
  • Range2 - Other ranged Units

These prototypes will allow the potential reach of units to be displayed.


Units belonging to a formation with a leader have a prototype name of the form:

<Division>-<Formation> (e.g. 9ss-KG Harder, 1AB-1st Para Brigade).

Units belonging to an Independent formation have a prototype name te same as their division (e.g. 9ss, 1AB)

These prototypes will assist with display of the Command range of their leader and with the automatic Activation of all units in a Formation or Division.

Other Prototypes

  • Leader - A Leader counter.
  • Deletable-Marker A marker counter that can be deleted.
  • Invisable-Marker A marker counter that can be hidden.
  • Bridge - A Bridge marker.
  • Flak-<Division> A Flak marker belonging to a division (e.g. Flak-Hoh).
  • CommandDispatch A command point or Dispatch Pount counter.
  • Chit... Different varieties of Activation Chits.


The following marker are defined for counters:

  • Formation - Formation Name
  • Division - Division Name
  • Army - Army Name
  • Range - Range of unit or command range of leader. Not defined = range 1.
  • Formation - Formation Name
  • Step - Step size (N.B. Step Loss unit has Step=-1
  • Type - Marker type (Bridge, Chit, Engineer etc.)
  • Active - true for units that can be Activated

Custom Components