The game

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Using the module.

Getting Started

Choose Side Self explanatory. Pick one, any one. It does not matter at this point.

Choose Boards Select the desired background. Each board is 24x24" (60x60cm). To increase the area, click the Add Row or Add Column buttons and select the boards for those areas.

Select Terrain Click the terrain button to bring up the terrain window. Drag the desired terrain into the playing field. Rotate the terrain with the Left and Right arrows. Once you click away from terrain features, you must shift-click to re-select them.

Select Units Once the terrain is set up to your liking, click the Units button and select the tab of your chosen army. Drag your units onto the battlefield. Hidden deployment: Click the Notes button and select the Delayed tab. Create a note for each unit describing its location. When the unit is discovered, you can reveal the location to your opponent and the time stamp will verify the location was set at the beggining of the game. Camo units: Drag a camo marker onto the field and make a note in the delayed notes as to which marker is which unit.

Playing the Game

Measuring Two forms of measurement are available. under Tools there is a n 8"/20cm ruler. This is meant mainly for movement. The LOS button will give you distance in cm, rounded UP and can be used for all measurement if desired.


Unit facing can be changed by selecting the unit and pressing the r key. Then draggin the facing arrow to the desired orientation. The following keyboard commands can also be accessed by right-clicking on the unit:

ctrl-w => wound ctrl-h => heal ctrl-p => profile (stats) ctrl-l => go prone ctrl-d => delete unit ctrl-c => clone unit ctrl-n => Change text label (for indicating weapons) ctrl-i => immobilized ctrl-k => possessed ctrl-j => disabled ctrl-t => hide movement trail z => show ZOC R => rotate shift-m => place mine shift-r => place repeater shift-e => place E/Mauler shift-x => explode/activate (for mines and E/Maulers) shift-c => Activate Coma shift-e => Activate E/Marat shift-t => transform (from dog face ot dog warrior) shift-d => dismount (for kum riders)

Templates Click the Templates button for access to templates and markers. Templates can be manipulated just like units.

Charts Are there to give a nice reference.

Dice The d20 button will roll a virtual d20. 'Nuff said.