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The Devil's Cauldron

What's coming in The Devil's Cauldron

Found an error in the module? Found something you don't like? Had a great idea for an enhancement? Please let us know. This page is where you will find information about known problems in the module and what is coming up in the next release.

Known Problems to be fixed soon

  • Flak stack items in scenario 1 come off stack face up instead of face down.

Enhancements planned for the next main release (Version 3.1)

  • Scenario 3!
  • The Line of Sight Hex range is based on the length of the thread, not on number of hexes. Will sometimes show the wrong range by 1 hex. End of Point of LOS Thread should snap to Hex Centre. Counters will be drawn semi-transparent when drawing LOS Thread so you can see the terrain under them.
  • Show Mass of stack in Popup counter viewer. Change colors to black & white.
  • Out of Command units will be outlined in Red with a thin diagonal red slash when you select them. In Command units will be outlined in black.
  • Make Roadblock Counters bigger so they show out under counters when you create one.
  • Remove 'Ctrl C Column' command from leader counters.
  • Fix reference in scenario 2 notes to 'Entry hexes West of Groesbeek'. Should be East.
  • Each Activation Chit will have a 'Mark Formation' or 'Mark Division' command that will mark all units of the matching Formation or Division with a yellow border. Activating a unit will turn the Marker off. Deactivate All button will also turn markers off.
  • The Activate command on any unit clears the yellow marker as well as showing the Activated icon.
  • All counters now share the same activated icon (just a yellow) square. Keeping individual formation activated icons became too complex.
  • Commands that use an action (IP, Column, mount/unmount etc.) or moving a unit automatically turns the Activated icon on.

Ideas for future enhancements

Fire Range Shading: Units with a Fire Range to have a command to show a shaded display of their range. Global Key Command to turn all range displays off

Command Range Shading: Leader counters to have a command to show a shaded display of their command range. Each unit to have a command to toggle the range display for their corresponding leader. Global Key Command to turn all range displays off.

Versions 3.0.3 - 3.0.9 - Released 2-11-Sep-2005

  • Fix the '2/vFuestenberg' counter. Activation command crashes VASSAL.
  • Added 82nd Artillery Activation Chit to Scenario 2 forces.
  • Minor Fixes to Scenario 2 setup card and notes.
  • Modified Scenario 2 victory conditions.
  • Offset Column marker.
  • Fixed FP and TQC on a couple of counters.
  • Wording changes to Scenario 2 notes.
  • Updated Scenario 2 notes and scenario card.
  • Added Gnwfl/KG Goebel counter.
  • Various minor fixes to counters.
  • Added Yellow markers for VP hex marking.
  • Added Roadblock counters.

Versions 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.0.2 - Released 28-Aug-2005

  • Major internal structural revamp.
  • Scenario 2 - Groesbeek. New map and lots of new counters.
  • Slightly reduced (16%) counter size to reduce memory usage and module size.
  • Reserve the <Ctrl> O Step Loss command for Step Reduction. Units with Organic transport to use the <Ctrl> U Mount/Unmount command to change to transport side.
  • Added Activate/Deactivate command to all counters to display small activation marker to record which counters have been activated so far. Added 'Deactivate All' button to turn all off at end of Activation.
  • Changed Column command to a layer so that counters in column can move around easier.
  • Flak window removed. Flak counters supplied on Scenario card.

Version 2.0.5 released 15-Aug-2005

  • Hexes need the Centre dot drawn for LOS checks.
  • Start the main map zoomed out 2 levels.
  • Scenario Chart is way to big. Add A Zoomer and start it zoomed out. Do same for Command window.
  • On Scenario Card 1, British Anti-tank unit should be showing limbered side.
  • Replace KG Spindler Activation Chit with KG Krafft in Activation window.
  • LOS for Polder should be Y not T.
  • Improve Combat chart
    • Add Description of CRT results
    • Move Direct, Indirect and Assault modifiers on to tabs within combat chart to make overall card smaller.