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Rick Billings

Location: Provo, Utah (US Mountain Time)

Gaming Interests: Wargaming (favorite subcategory: tactical)

1) Lock n Load (WW2) 2) White Star Rising 3) Flying Colors 4) Mustangs 5) Squad Leader 6) Flat Top 7) Midway 8) Victory in the Pacific 9) War of 1812 10) Memoir '44 11) Washington's War 12) Twilight Struggle 13) War at Sea 14) Fires of Midway 15) Storm over Stalingrad


 I've been trying to foray into other genres (specifically Battles of the American Revolution by Miklos, Strategic CDGs (Barbarossa to Berlin, Empire of the Sun, For the People, Wilderness War), and some of the games from The Gamers (TCS: Bloody Ridge, Screaming Eagles, Hunters from the Sky ... SCS: Yom Kippur)).
 I'm looking for good quick-playing games (1-3 hours for tactical and operational/strategic level games) and 4-10 hours for grand strategic level games).  I think some of the upcoming releases from Worthington Games and Academy games may scratch that itch!