Version history

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Version History

0.1 - All standard rulebook warbands added. Some tiles available. Test version.

0.2 - Changed units and gave them a name flag that displays over their icon.

0.3 - Added Dwarf & Orcs Warband - First Help Files - Zoom Map Changes (check it out) - New Tiles - No more grid, range measured with LOS.

0.31 – Added Disclaimer and Reference Charts to the Help Menu – Added Teams Help file (doesn’t work yet)

0.32 – Updated rest of warband icons (Mercs, Dwarf and HG) – Added some Hired Guns (80%) - Added some Dramatis Personae (80%) - Updated Teams Help file (20% complete) - Re-Added Grid for easier range determination - Updated Chart Help File - Adding 2 more players for multplayer games with up to 4 people (20% complete)

0.33 – Adding 2 more players for multplayer games with up to 4 people (100% complete) - Added new terrain tiles to the Mordheim section

0.34 – Optimising graphics to make the module smaller in size. Broke down the two very big landblock tiles into four smaller files for better handling. Added Elf Mage Hired Gun. Added About Screen. Cleaned up Tile List. Added new tiles.

0.35 – 20-03-05 - Added Amazon and Beastman Warband.

0.45 – 21-03-05 - Added all remaining official miniatures except Averlanders and Shadow Warriors. Added Combat and Campaign Charts to the Help Menu.

0.46 - 30-05-06 - Added 'Thing in the Woods', 'Hunter', 'Nicodemus' 'Ulli and Marquand', 'Dwarven Treasure Hunter' and 'Halfling Thief' to Hired Swords. Prepared the module for units with an extra large base.

0.47 - 31-05-06 - Fixed "Help Menu" Charts and linked the "Team" help item to the Mordheim WIKI page with all the warbands in the campaign, just click on the link when you open the "Teams Help"

0.48 - 01-06-06 - Added new 1 square tiles of different colour (Tiles/Terrain), Added Creatures that can be mounted (Units/Mounted), Preparing module for 8 players, removed internet dice buttons. Converted grid to hexes.

0.49 - 02-06-06 - Module can now be played by up to 8 players. Added tiles for the pitfighter arena.