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Multi-Action Button - conditional & display enhancement

Suggestions for additional features for the module editor and Vassal engine.

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Multi-Action Button - conditional & display enhancement

Postby marktb1961 » April 5th, 2021, 3:07 pm

Multi-Action buttons are great but I think this would make them bit smarter...

If the MA button comprises a sequence of GKCs that should either execute or not then I must put the exclusion condition on each GKC. Each GKC adding to the maintenance and execution overhead of the MA Button.

My suggestion is a Beanshell expression in the MA button that turns it on or off.

Ideally, the button image and text should simply "grey out" if the beanshell expression evaluates to the "off" value - just like Hand Window buttons do when the Hand Window is forbidden to the PlayerSide. Alternatively, the MA button might allow an "off" image to be specified, similar to how LoS has two images.
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