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Re: "Windows 32 bit" 3.3.1

PostPosted: August 3rd, 2020, 8:36 pm
by uckelman
Are they doing that---downloading all those JDKs---just for testing, or are they producing builds that you can actually download from Travis?

Re: "Windows 32 bit" 3.3.1

PostPosted: August 3rd, 2020, 8:52 pm
by Flint1b
Looks like they just do it for testing their build.

And the build doesn't even build anything, it just downloads over a dozen of different JDKs for different OSes then checks if they were downloaded properly. Talk about waste of bandwidth and CPU cycles :D

Re: "Windows 32 bit" 3.3.1

PostPosted: March 18th, 2021, 9:16 pm
by AlisterMcLane
I know that may NOT be the "ideal" thing, but basically:

Vassal itself is Java. Inside java it does not really matter what OS you got.
So the only thing is that this particular "bundled" Java version does not fit "your world" / OS.

Also check out the list of downlaods:

If you got your hands on an appropriate JAVA installer, you can always download an "VASSAL-<lots of dots and numbers>"
And get an apropriate Java installed.

For a 3.1 or earlier take a Java 8
For a 3.5 take a Java 11 (or later)
in 2021-03 Java 16 got released ...

For in between ... test it.

JRE or JDK ?

Well nowadays there is only JDK. JRE is contained in that package.
It's 50 MB HDD space or so delta ... so nothing really big.

Maybe you got Java already ...

type "java --version" in a terminal / shell / bash
also sth like "whereis" or "which" as commands may help.
On OS X there are - i forgot what - a few "special tools" that you got to put into your ~/.bash_profile to select a java version nicely. but there are nice tutorials out there.

Now which Java to use ?

Oracle Java: up to Java 8 works, but may lock you in as it leaves some hard-to-remove trails on Windows.
OpenJDK: for any Java since Java 8
Azul JDK: If you got a windows or a mac that complains about a "non signed application" or want a "more efficient" Java Binary for your windows box.

How to set up my machine ?

If you got Windows - Use the Java Installer
If you got Linux - Use your Distro installer (eg. apt for Debian/Ubuntu/Pop!Os)
If you got Mac - Use the .dmg