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Update – Virtual Advanced Tobruk System (VATS) v3.10 released

Nationality unit counters have returned to the VATS core module. Extensions will now provide maps only. A number of new gameplay features and tweaks have been introduced, as we work to continually improve this impressive offering!

The base module and map extensions are available through the Critical Hit retail site, with ownership of the relevant printed edition a continuing requirement for download.

Update – Ogre-GEV Deluxe v1.2

Version 1.2 of Ogre-GEV Deluxe adds the following:

– Counters representing the Vatican Guard, Sons of Old Nassau, and the Anarchist Relief Front for use with the Barbarians at the Gate expansion.
– Recovery from Disabled by fire or ramming is now fully automated when using the Turn Tracker.
– An option to “highlight” a target unit in a stack has been added.
– A new window for tracking VP’s and eliminated units has been added.
– The chat window now reports the actual die number rolled in addition to the symbolic value when using the symbolic odds dice.

Read the Ogre-GEV Deluxe Notes in the module Help menu for more info!