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Update – Memoir ’44 v10.13

Download the latest update to Memoir ’44 now!

* Added Jungle Combat card deck
* Added Desert Combat card deck
* Added a chart sheet with default actions for all combat card decks
* Added Through Jungle and Desert series
* Added new scenarios, now over 1,000!
* Added scenarios from the Dutch Open 2017, 2018, and Open de France 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 tournaments
* Added Operation Crusader campaign and scenarios
* Updated the scenario chooser with new resizable columns
* Split the “Set” column into “Set” and “Tournament” in the scenario chooser. It is now easier to group by set or by tournament for scenarios
* Removed the compendium panels and cards from all scenarios, can now use Zoom & Fit commands to only fit the playable board area
* Compendium cards are now pre-generated for all scenarios and placed in a Help window, all scenarios now have applicable compendium cards
* Added desert camouflage markers
* Added spider markers
* Changed camouflage so any unit from any side can be set to any camouflage marker type
* New graphics for Sandbags, Hedgehogs, and Wire
* New inactive medal spot markers
* New command / card hand indicator style, which also includes optional combat deck type and cards
* Captured medals now have a larger brighter border and a larger flag with multiple colors to select from
* Added new tiles for Road Bend on River, Road on River, and Desert Railway
* Added new nations to the scenario notes: South Africa, Philippines, Bulgaria
* Added a new “hexmap” 3 to 6 player board, and single scenario by “Quit2”
* Added player order indicator pieces (1st, 2d, 3d)
* Added a scenario special rule token to replace the Air Power card with Artillery Bombard
* Added a scenario special rule token to replace the Air Power card with Barrage
* New tile based graphics for Wagon and Locomotive
* Added combat markers to the Locomotive
* Locomotive now uses figure counter to mark damage instead of damage tokens
* Reorganized the Pieces tabs and panels, and the Units tabs
* Moved all “hide layer” commands to a single toolbar submenu
* Added a “show/hide obstacles” toolbar command
* Fixed reported and discovered scenario setup errors
* Fixed the card backs of BT1 deck cards on multi BT deck scenarios
* Renamed Late War SWAs as (SWAs x – xxx – Late War) in scenario notes
* Replaced all mine tokens in all scenarios
* Added new mine tokens from the Through Jungle and Desert expansion
* Reset player command values in all scenarios
* Merged the “Reverse Units” extension into the main module, this extension should no longer be used
* Other fixes and improvements

Update – Wing Leader Fandom Extension v1.02

v1.02 of the Wing Leader Fandom Extenstion adds some newly found fan created content. This will be the last Fandom extension update for a while. There’s plenty of time before the next update for WL fans to create more content for this great game system. Look on the Fandom extension Help page to find my contact info and let me know if you’d like your content to be included. Thanks.