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Our industry SMC Code is: DV1

Dan Verssen Games is a freelance game design company with an industry-wide reputation for creating easy to learn, fun to play, flavorful games. Here is how we earned it...

Dan Verssen Games began, as you might expect, as simply Dan Verssen. Dan began modifing games in the early 80's while in High School, much to the irritation of his friends. The victims of Dan's early design modifications included AD&D and Traveller.

Within a couple years, Dan had moved on to creating his own original designs. Most of these designs were based on other people's licensed properties, such as Star Wars. At the time, Dan didn't understand why his game submissions were rejected by companies. Of course, every submission began with something like, "First, your company will need to buy the game rights for Star Wars from Lucas Films..."

The old gang was made up of some very understanding and supportive people who not only wanted to play games, but were also willing to be great friends to a would-be designer.

The Old Gang... Mike Anderson, David Bell, Gary Doriott, Denise Hyun, Holly Johnson, Bill Loftis, Ken Loftis, Paul Phillabaum, Sean Wallace

Dan's first published game was Modern Naval Battles. It was published by 3W Games in the summer of 1989. The game went on to win several awards and did well enough to have two expansion games.

Since then, Dan has designed quite a few games including: Hornet Leader, Thunderbolt Apache Leader, The 4 Down in Flames games, The Star Trek Collectible Dice Game, The 7th Sea CCG, The Corellian Smuggler and Indiana Jones games for Shadis Magazine, RoadKill for Avalon Hill, 2 Flagship games, 4 Bratz boardgames, Naval Battles, and the Lightning War games.

DVG usually has about 5 games in development at any given time. As of late, we have also started to team up with talented computer game developers in order to bring some of our classic games to a whole new environment.

We hope you enjoy playing our games, because we certainly enjoy making them!

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