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The Europa Series is the oldest series of wargames still in print. The series intends to cover all of the European theater of operations in a consistent scale 16-mile hexes, two-week turns, and division-sized units.

Here is a list of the published Europa games, with links to those that have modules on Vassal:

Europa I - The German invasion of the USSR and the Soviet riposte, 1941-1942.
Drang nach Osten (DNO) GDW 1973.
Fire in the East (FitE) GDW 1984
Total War (TW) HMS 2012.

Europa II - The Eastern Front, 1942 - 1944
Unentschieden GDW 1973.
Scorched Earth (SE) GDW 1987.

Europa III - The Balkans Campaign, 1941.
Marita-Merkur (MM) GDW 1979.
Balkan Front (BF) GRD 1990.
Balkan Front Second Edition (BF2) GRD 2002.

Europa IV - The Norwegian campaign, 1940.
Narvik GDW 1974. Second edition 1980.
Storm Over Scandinavia (SoS) GRD 1998.

Europa V - The Battle of Britain and planned German invasion, 1940.
Their Finest Hour (TFH) GDW 1976.

Europa VI - The Western Desert Campaign in North Africa, 1940-1942.
Western Desert (WD) GDW 1982.
War in the Desert (WitD) GRD 1995. (Europa VI/IX/XI in a single publication)

Europa VII - The German Invasion of Poland, 1939.
Case White (CW) GDW 1977.
First to Fight (FtF) GRD 1991.

Europa VIII - The Western Campaign in Holland, Belgium, and France, 1940.
The Fall of France (FoF) GDW 1981.

Europa IX - Operations in the Near East.
The Near East (NE or TNE) GDW 1983.
War in the Desert (WitD) GRD 1995. (Europa VI/IX/XI in a single publication)

Europa X - Potential involvement of Spain and Portugal in World War II, including the planned German assault on Gibraltar.
Spain and Portugal (S&P) GDW 1984.
For Whom the Bell Tolls (FWtBT) GR/D 1995. (Covers the Spanish Civil War as well.)

Europa XI - The Allied invasion of French North Africa, 1942-1943.
Torch GDW 1985.
War in the Desert (WitD) GRD 1995. (Europa VI/IX/XI in a single publication)

Europa XII - The Allied invasion of France, 1944.
Second Front (SF) GRD 1994.

Europa XIII - Expansion module giving a bigger picture of the Soviet war effort, plus updates and play aids for FitE/SE, and a scenario for the 1943 campaign.
The Urals GRD 1989.

Europa XIV - The war between Finland and the USSR, 1939-1940.
A Winter War (AWW) GR/D 1992.

The first Grand Europa module, links the games War in the Desert and Balkan Front with new material (maps and counters) covering the campaign for Italian East Africa.
Wavell’s War (WW) HMS 2005.