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Clixers is a sequel to the extremely well done Microclix 1.4 created by Mad Clixer in 2005. The original Microclix can be found here:

Every effort has been made to maintain backward compatibility with Microclix, and the fantastic work that the Mad Clixer did on it. Without his initial work, this module would not be possible. This new module has made heavy use of the original Microclix structure, with the colossal figure set duplicated here for the convenience of the user.

Clixers consists of a collection of maps, originally created and donated by Puquak of the online clix community “The Creation Matrix”; a community for whom this module was originally created, in order to manage online play by post games.

Clixers provides two generic sets of numbered tokens, white and black, which can be used for either Heroclix or Horroclix. Players can choose to rename the numbered tokens at their leasure to represent those figures with which they are playing. There is also a tool for determining line of sight, and a set of dice for those who wish to play live online.

What to download:

1) Download the module file Clixers.mod. This will give you the bare bones implementation, with no tokens and two blank boards.

2) Download maps and tokens. You can do this by downloading either: - this file will unzip to create a folder/directory called Clixers_ext; place this folder/directory in the same folder as Clixers.mod.

-= OR =-

If you have a slow internet connection, separate .mdx files for each map, and for the marker/general token sets have been provided. For these files, create a folder/directory Clixers_ext in the same folder/directory as Clixers.mod and place the .mdx files in it.

To contribute to this module please contact Superclone at

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