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Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

Recent News

  • Burnside Takes Command now available! (May 31, 2006)
  • On To Richmond! 1.2.1 now available! (Sep 1, 2005)
  • On To Richmond! 1.2 now available! (May 31, 2005)
  • Stonewall in the Valley is underconstruction. (May 31, 2005)



  • Custer and Farnsworth with Tactical Value of 1 must be prepared to play with Union Cavalry division leader rules.

The Gettysburg Campaign Setup

  • Kenly occupies Naval Battery (S0732).


  • Tactical Value of Confederate Sub units should be 1, not 2.


Gate Of Richmond setup

  • JR Anderson's Manpower Value should be 21 not 1.
  • 56 VA's Manpower Value should be 2 not 1.
  • Armistead's Mapower Value should be 7 not 1
  • McDowell should be placed at N0101


  • Sedgwick (Leader) should be added at N2511 of scenario 1's set up.
  • On scenario 4 setup, Early (Leader) should be replaced as III Corps commander (substitute of Hill).
  • On scenario 7 setup, Lee should be placed at S3818 (with A.P. Hill and Heth).