Module:Cityfight: Modern Combat in the Urban Environment

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Cityfight logo.jpeg
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era Modern Warfare
Year 1979 Topic Skirmish
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical


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A1-A6 consider to be soviet player ,B1-B6 consider to be NATO player ,C1-C3 consider to be Controller.

C side can watch all players action whether or no used invisible mode A & B side always in double-blind while Aside or Bside used invisible mode.

A1-A6扮演苏方,B1-B6扮演北约方,C1-C3为裁判。 裁判可以看到双方所有的行动不论是否为双盲状态 A和B方使用 invisible状态 ,为双盲状态。 部分指令算子右键已经整合。

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