Module:Close Action

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Publisher Clash of Arms Games Era Gunpowder
Year unknown Topic American Revolutionary War
Players 2 to 30 Scale Tactical
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Close Action 1_4.vmod Module 346 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer KLGrande
Contributors KLGrande


The game of ship battles in the Age of Fighting Sail by Clash of Arms.

See the included Module Information page in the module's help section for some tips on how to use the module.

If you do not presently own Close Action you may visit the Clash of Arms site to check on availability.

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Version History

Version 1.4 - 2-13-06

  1. After releasing version 1.2, I soon realized I had a problem with the way the plot chits worked. Version 1.4 should correct this problem.
  2. I also added button graphics for the ship logs and plot chit boards.

Version 1.2 - 2-12-06

  1. Updated player sides to allow from 2-10 players to participate at one time.
  2. Added enough ship logs to the module to track five ships per side for a total of ten players. If more than ten ships are used the extras will have to be tracked offline.
  3. Added a notes section.

Version 1.0 - The initial module release - 11-15-05.

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