Module:Cry Havoc

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Publisher Eurogames Era Medieval
Year 1981 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 90 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CryHavoc11.vmod Base Module 6.44 MB unknown unknown
CroisadesExt.vmdx Croisades Extension 10 MB unknown unknown
dragonnoir1.vmdx Dragon Noir 1 Extension 8.95 MB unknown unknown
dragonnoir2.vmdx Dragon Noir 2 Extension 6.74 MB unknown unknown
TheFortifiedTownExt.vmdx The Fortified Town Extension 7.42 MB unknown unknown
SiegeExt.vmdx Siege Extension 6.06 MB unknown unknown
TheTemplarsCastleExt.vmdx The Templars Castle Extension 3.67 MB unknown unknown
VikingsMainExt.vmdx Viking Raiders Counters Extension 2.34 MB unknown unknown
VikingsMapExt.vmdx Viking Raiders Maps Extension 8.69 MB unknown unknown
Misc - Unofficial Extensions
Cry Havoc Module User's Manual v 1.1.pdf User Guide 1.81 MB unknown unknown
TheShipsExt.vmdx The Ships Extension 2.43 MB unknown unknown
TheFortifiedHarbor.vmdx The Fortified Harbor Extension 3.93 MB unknown unknown
TheCastellExt.vmdx The Welsh Castle Extension 3.44 MB unknown unknown
CHMaps1Ext.vmdx Map Pack 1 Extension 8.14 MB unknown unknown
vrac1.vmdx Map Pack 2 Extension 8.22 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer unknown
Contributors moser1501, Buxeria, scorion87


Man-to-man combat in the Middle Ages

Cry Havoc Module v3.1 and an expanded set of extensions can be found here:

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