Module:Divine Right

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Publisher TSR Era Fantasy
Year 1979 Topic Conquest
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Divineright_MADHAT_2.1.vmod Module 12.04 MB 2021-05-13 3.5.1+ jimmylogan jimmylogan (Other modules by jimmylogan)
Divineright_3.2.3.1.vmod Module 11.5 MB 2021-05-07 3.2+ Urhixidur Mycenae (Other modules by Urhixidur)
Divineright_3.2.1.vmod Module 11.5 MB 2021-04-05 3.2+ Urhixidur Mycenae (Other modules by Urhixidur)
Divineright_3.2.vmod Module 11.5 MB 2016-09-30 3.2+ Mycenae Mycenae (Other modules by Mycenae)
Immunity_1.1.vmdx Extension 166 KB 2012-11-19 3.1+ Mycenae Mycenae (Other modules by Mycenae)
Divineright_MADHAT_1.4.vmod Module 12 MB 2021-02-17 3.5.1+ jimmylogan jimmylogan (Other modules by jimmylogan)


Classic game of fantasy empires clashing. Each player controls a unique realm and attempts to use diplomacy and might to ascend to rulership. A colorful map and a host of fantastic creatures bring out a fleshed out fantasy world. The module was produced with the kind permission of Glenn Rahman.

The Diplomatic Immunity extension adds optional personality cards for Ambassadors.

The Divineright-MADHAT module adds MADHAT optional rules developed and collected over the years. Review the internal help file MADHAT Rules for details. Please Note - this version is the most current bug fixed and enhanced version of the game. If you do not care for the optional "MADHAT" items then simply delete/discard them as they come up (special mercenaries and personality cards) and draw another!

Version 3.2.1 fixes the Muetaran, Ponese, Rombunese, Shucassamite, Troll, and Zornite ambassadors which were missing the Place Marker command. Version fixes the missing Usurper > Draw Personality command and replaces the Turn Order window with Turn Order buttons on each Kingdom tray. Other small improvements such as better context-filtering of the Ambassador Alliance Marker menu.

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