Module:Gettysburg: 125th Anniversary Edition

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Publisher Avalon Hill Era Gunpowder
Year 1988 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Campaign-130405.vsav Module 8 KB 2013-04-02 3.1.20
G88v33b10.vmod Module 2.7 MB 2013-04-06 3.1.20
G88v33b11.vmod Module 2.71 MB 2016-07-17 3.1.20

Module Information

Maintainer Bill Thomson(wga)
Contributors wga, jw62, swampwallaby


125th edition is the Smithsonian Edition which is identical to the 1988 edition used for WBC & PBEM tournament play.

Version 3.3 (Ed Menzel, Bill Thomson) 03/31/2013

  • Default zoom level changed; needed per vassal engine change.
  • Mouse over hex now displays the hex id.
  • Color for CSA Robertson cavalry unit corrected.
  • CSA Beckham artillery now spelled correctly (remains Beckman on OOB background).
  • Updated scenario files for updated CSA Robertson and Beckman counters.
  • Bid Marker range increased from 0-10 to 0-20.
  • Updated button image for turn indicator.
  • Added Move button on Graveyard window so all units in graveyard can be marked unmoved and trails erased.
  • Modified both Order of Battles to indicate Variant Delayed entry.
  • Added Reorganize Marker.
  • Variant Cavalry Map and variant combined maps deleted. Have yet to be used and reduces module size by 1.5MB.
  • Updated Help files.
  • b11: Minor update; Battle markers added; they may be indexed and labeled to clarify who is attacking who and at what combat ratio.

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