Module:Imperial Struggle

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ImperialStruggle BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era 18th Century
Year 2020 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Imperial Struggle v1.vmod Module 23.82 MB 2020-06-10 3.2.17
Imperial Struggle v1-1.vmod Module 23.83 MB 2020-06-15 3.2.17
Imperial Struggle v1-2.vmod Module 23.85 MB 2020-07-10 3.3.1


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

1. Right-click on spaces that can accommodate flags to place flag markers. These markers never move. They can only be altered by right-click and Ctrl functions.

2. The Awards are distributed randomly by way of the toolbar button. Press once to send 1 award from the random draw pile (near Global Demand display on map). Reshuffle by right-clicking on the Award discard pile (located right of the game title on the map).

3. Squadrons are built using toolbar in Play Mats. Right-click on squadrons to deploy them.

4. Flags and squadron deployment for each side is tracked in each region’s award box (look for small flags and the number atop it). They’re small and subtle. This let’s players know how many flags for each side in that region.

5. Press Draw Tile buttons to… you guessed it! Draw a tile! Right-click on tiles to play as British and French. Use the Discard button on toolbar to reset them. OR: (and this is new) You can click on the Reset Investment icon on the toolbar to discard all previously-drawn tiles and draw 9 fresh ones.

6. Within each War’s display, use toolbar buttons to deal 1 basic war tile to each theater, draw 1 bonus tile to a specified theater, or remove all tiles from the war back to the Playmat.

7. In the Playmat window there is a toolbar button that will empty out the Bonus War Tiles deck. Open up the next war’s display window, click and drag a box around each stack of Bonus War Tiles and hit Ctrl-R to send each stack to the appropriate playmat window’s deck.

8. Right-click on a Basic War Tile and select Military Upgrade to draw a single new tile from the deck. Right-click on a basic tile can also have the card sent to Out Of Play (access this window from toolbar).

9. Awards tiles and ministry cards can be exhausted by right-click. Use the Reset button on toolbar to reset these cards and tiles.

Known bugs with version 1.0

Pressing the "Draw Basic War Tiles Button" assigns ownership to the person who pressed the button. Version 1.1 will repair this. In the meantime, just drag and drop basic war tiles manually.

© GMT Games 2020; Ananda Gupta, Jason Matthews Design

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