Module:Lock 'n Load Tactical: Heroes Against the Red Star

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Publisher Lock N Load Publishing Era Modern Warfare
Year 2017 Topic European Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 60 min. Series Lock 'n Load Tactical


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
LnLP_Heroes_Against_the_Red_Star_v2.4.vmod Module 49.83 MB 2019-08-13 3.2.17
LnLP_The_Bear_and_The_Jackal_v2.4.vmdx Extension 5.43 MB 2019-08-13 3.2.17
LnLP_Days_of_Villainy_v2.4.vmdx Extension 15.27 MB 2019-08-13 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Trent Garner


Heroes Against the Red Star presents the sweeping rush of the Soviet Red Army, from the shock of the ambitious opening offensive on May 14th against American-held positions in West Germany to the furious rush to Paris, in June, against emboldened French forces. Heroes Against the Red Star features a plethora of modern military hardware - tanks, aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles and infantry armed with deadly support weapons. There's no time for hesitation, the action is fast and destructive, and victory is the only option.

Version 2.4

NEW MODULE!! - Updated for extension Days of Villainy

Version 2.3

V2.3 Fixed all known errors and added the corrected counters from the v9.0 errata document for LnLT

Version 2.2

V2.2 - New features include 3D dice with die rolling sounds, plus counter movement trails, making it easy to track unit movement each turn. All reported errors have been corrected.

Version 2.1

V2.1 - All new hi-res digital map and counters with rounded corners. Official module, made by permission from Lock n Load Publishing.


NEW!! V2.4 Days of Villainy

V2.4 The Bear and The Jackal

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