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Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1977 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length varies according to scenario

USING Vassal 3.4.4 and VSQL 4.3.1

The latest release of Vassal is version 3.4.4 and will not load the existing VSQL.vmod version 4.2.2, or the test module version 4.3.0.

The VSQL-v431.mod module file has been modified to allow it to be loaded and used with Vassal version 3.4+. Changes have been made to the underlying Java code to maintain compatibility with the latest Vassal, but no changes have been made to the module itself. Until this version has been tested thoroughly under Vassal 3.4+, the Vassal 3.2.17/VSQL 4.2.2 combination remains the officially supported version for VSQL play. Note also the incompatibility with HiDPI displays noted below.

It is possible to install both Vassal version 3.2.17 and version 3.4.4 on your computer at the same time. Select the custom install option when installing Vassal 3.4.4 and retain your 3.2.17 installation.

If you use the VSQL-v431.mod without renaming it to VSQL.mod and have any extensions installed, you will need to re-install those extensions against VSQL-v431.

Please post any issues you find on the Vassal forum, or forward them to me at b.easton @

NOTE that there is a known incompatibility between the Vassal 3.4.4/VSQL 4.3.1 combination and HiDPI displays such as MacOS Retina displays. Some features will be displayed in incorrect locations, or appear blurry. Users with HiDPI displays should not upgrade to VSQL 4.3.1. I am working on resolving this issue.


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Module Files
VSQL-v431.vmod Vassal 3.4 Compatible Test Module 7.3 MB 2020-10-06 Vassal 3.4+ Only
VSQL.vmod Official VSQL 4 Module Information is version 4.2.2 7.13 MB 2016-01-26 Vassal 3.2.15-3.2.17 Only
Extension Files
VSQL4-CodGia.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 1 Information v9.1 12.56 MB 2016-01-26 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Coi-SS.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 2 Information v2.1 1.7 MB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Italians.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 3 Information v3.1 1.96 MB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Japanese.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 4 Information & Instructions v4.1e 6.72 MB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
VSQL4-DYO.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 5 Information & Instructions v2.0 233 KB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
Scenario Start Files Master Scenario Start Files (SSF) for VSQL 4 Information 5.67 MB 2012-03-01 3.2.13+
Boards, Version 5 SK with LOS installed (EXC: Desert boards #25-31) v5 SK Boards 01 - 10 3.86 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 11 - 20 Updated Board 11 3.35 MB 2016-01-26 unknown v5 SK Boards 21 - 30 2.42 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 31 - 40 3.8 MB 2015-01-31 unknown v5 SK Boards 41 - 50 3.34 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 51 - 60 3.19 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 61 - 66 1.86 MB 2013-04-08 unknown
Overlays Overlays Version 5 4.29 MB unknown
Customized and special boards boards with GIA Overlays 6.1 MB unknown
boards-Blood& Boards Blood and Sand 2.04 MB unknown Boards Custom-01_v5 2.55 MB unknown Boards Custom-02_v5 3.79 MB unknown Boards u-z_v5 1.53 MB unknown Boards-TR1-TR8_v5 1.14 MB unknown Custom mapboards (by WJS) for SL thru GI:AoV scenarios Instructions 7.22 MB 3.2.13+ Vol.01 of version 4 custom mapboards for SL thru GI:AoV and 'other' scenarios Instructions 6.31 MB 3.2.13+
Miscellaneous Module Files
North_Afrika-2015-01-07.pdf The "North Afrika" Instructions and Italian OB for basic SL/COI/COD/GIA 6.42 MB 2015-01-31 3.2.15+ TAHGC R218 Operation Switchback SSF and Instructions 1.42 MB unknown 3.2.13+
TAHGC-34-Climax at Nijmegen TAHGC 34 Climax at Nijmegen Bridge v5 Maps, SSF and Instructions 607 KB unknown 3.2.13+
TAHGC-Scenario-One If By Land-Two If By TAHGC Scenario One If By Land-Two If By Sea Instructions 652 KB 2009-09-20 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario 1000 Operation Marston Instructions 3.35 MB 2012-07-12 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario 2000 Operation Hubertus Instructions 2.92 MB 2012-07-11 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario R223 Night Drop Instructions 1.83 MB 2012-07-11 3.2.13+
Help Files
VSQL 4_1 Startup Survivors Guide.pdf A 'How To' Survivors Guide for easy set-up of VSQL 4. 1.22 MB unknown unknown Guide To Using Extensions in VSQL 4 2 KB unknown unknown
VSQL Icons for VSQL from Matthijs van der Zanden 70 KB unknown unknown
SQUAD LEADER SEQUENCE OF PLAY FOR EMAIL GAMES.pdf PBEM Sequence of Play 11 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Scott Bramley
Contributors wga, abishai, dennisj, jyanek, swampwallaby, BiLLSoz, Scott Bramley


VSQL is the VASSAL module for Avalon Hill's original Squad Leader Game. If you are looking for the more recent Advanced Squad Leader game, you need to look at the VASL module.

VSQL has the same advanced capabilities as VASL, but uses the Squad Leader counter set. The Basic VSQL module provides complete support for the base Squad Leader game, plus the first expansion gamette Cross of Iron. Additional Expansion module for Crescendo of Doom and GI: Anvil of Victory counter sets are available for tournament play, and provide full support for CoD & GIA play. An OPTIONAL expansion module DYO is now available which provides players with newer optional game play, currently contains Heat of Battle & Commissar rules.

Latest VSQL News:

By Bill Thomson

  1. The old VSQL3.x series which ran with the inherent VASSAL 1.99 is now officially retired and will no longer be supported.
  2. VSQL 4 is now officially released and is considered the VSQL standard and has therefore been renamed VSQL.vmod.
  3. Re-adding the new VSQL module and expansions may be required.
  4. Boards in use were previously Version 4 from Toumoland and are considered semi-retired.
  5. Version 5 Boards are now the VSQL standard. Both sets of boards should yield identical LOS with possible exception of the SK style boards. Version 5 is highly recommended but not mandated for newer players. Opposing players may use different boards as a matter of player preference.
  6. For those seeking play above COI, use of Bill Sosnicki module expansions are required. See the 'How to use Extension" file. Feel free to contact me for assistance as use of expansions may be tricky for first time users.

VSQL 4 and associated expansion modules:

Main module: VSQL.vmod v4.2.1

  • Expansion module 1: VSQL4-CodGia Standard Version 9.1 (adds COD & GIA counters)
  • Expansion module 2: VSQL4-Coi-SS v2.1 (adds missing SS counters (SWs, AFVs, Guns) in all black)
  • Expansion module 3: VSQL4-Italians v3.1 (adds DTO)
  • Expansion module 4: VSQL4-Japanese v4.1f (adds PTO, plus Wild Bill Wilder's partial Blood & Sand module)
  • Expansion module 5: VSQL4-DYO v1.1 (adds optional rules for SL-GIA play, Notably Commissars & Heat of Battle)

Note: The VSQL3.x PLC.mdx expansion is now obsolete as PLCs can be named within VSQL 4.

VSQL Credits:

VSQL was created by Jeff Thorpe, Dennis Jorgenson, Bill Thomson, and Jay Yanek, with additional on-going support provided by Brent Easton, Pete Pollard, and Bill Sosnicki.

To run the latest version using the Java Web Start facility, click [/ws/vsql.jnlp here]. The latest version is also available as a stand-alone download. Be sure you have installed version 1.4.x of Java first.

If the link above doesn't work, look at the [/ws Web Start Notes].

VSQL uses board files from VASL, downloadable here.

You can also find on the Internet the most current VSQL4 module along with its module extensions, custom scenario boards with LOS, additional scenarios, commentary, and lots of additional information about Squad Leader by going to the Squad Leader Academy website.

The 7 Guaranteed Steps to SQL Joy:

1. Make sure you have Vassal 3.1.x or better installed. Simply download the file "VASSAL-v3_1_x Download release notification.pdf" which contains available links to the newest version of the VASSAL engine for your system.

2. Download the Squad Leader Game boards you need from above zipped files, extract them and place them in a convenient directory (such as "boards_v5"). To begin with, you will only need boards 1-4. There are now two different versions of boards available, version 4 with the older style and the newer version 5 boards with the newer SK style.

3. Go to the VASSAL VSQL 'Files' page (click link at top of this page) or at

4. Download the most current file: VSQL.vmod

5. Download the "VSQL 4 Startup Survivors Guide.pdf" which is a 'How To' Survivors Guide for easy set-up of VSQL 4.

6. Now that you've set up Vassal 3.1.x and loaded VSQL 4 into it, now just click on the diamond shape next to VSQL and start the module.

7. Click on the Help menu and select 'preferences' and then follow the instructions on how to best set your VSQL preferences.

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