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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era WWII
Year 2007 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TideOfIron_v2.0.vmod Module 17.32 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOIBaseDecks_v2.0.vmdx Extension 28.54 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOIDayOfTheFox_v2.0.vmdx Extension 9.1 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOIDayOfTheFoxDecks_v2.0.vmdx Extension 7.54 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOINormandy_v2.0.vmdx Extension 3.89 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOINormandyDecks_v2.0.vmdx Extension 6.35 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TOIDesignerSeriesDecks_v2.0.vmdx Extension 28.82 MB 2011-10-18 3.1
TideOfIron_v1.7.vmod Module 18.13 MB unknown unknown
TOIBaseDecks.vmdx Extension 27.92 MB unknown unknown
TOIDayOfTheFox.vmdx Extension 8.42 MB unknown unknown
TOIDayOfTheFoxDecks.vmdx Extension 6.7 MB unknown unknown
TOINormandy.vmdx Extension 3.75 MB unknown unknown
TOINormandyDecks.vmdx Extension 5.8 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer gherardo
Contributors gherardo


Tide Of Iron + Game expansions Vassal module v.3.0 (coming soon)

A major release.

Tide Of Iron + Day Of The Fox + Normandy + Designer Series Vassal modules v.2.0

A major release. Now the map is fully modular and the game table is in another window. A button shows the number of cards that each player holds and the chat reports each move. The dice are thrown by pushing menu buttons.

Tide Of Iron + Day Of The Fox + Normandy Vassal modules v.1.7 - MANY bugs fixed!

A great game of World War II tactical conflict for two to four players, published by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a major release (Tide Of Iron + Day Of The Fox + Normandy). Obviously, the scenarios from the original game boxes will be required to play. All images are from my copy of the game.

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